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@KaYnE Having experienced false awakenings and sleep paralysis, yeah, they're interesting states of consciousness for sure

What I really meant to say here is that I dig flaws. I know that a lot of people think that the most attractive people are the ones who you can't see flaws in, but just remember that you're usually your own worst critic and that what you may see as a flaw, I see as something that makes you the uniquely beautiful person you are. ;)

Finished this D&D campaign map commission. Maps are fun! And I was really excited the client let me name basically everything.

I have been awake for about 60 hours right now.

I've got my new servers, so the next step is configuring them and installing everything. Would be cool if there was something like Ansible or Chef for Mastodon and I know that some projects like that were attempted but I never heard of them being production-ready...

I'm gonna need to write more patches today 😩

Evening all. Love the deep conversations. Let's see wht the rest of the week brings, shall we? Volunteering tomorrow. Yea. Hopefully my contact will bring her server again.

Just realized. I've been a stupid spender these past few days. I watch too many videos, and as a result, I've spent way, way too much on security software, and I have an unused Vipre license just sitting there doing nothing. Defender and malwarebytes, always.

Had a nice day of relatively little traffic. Then again, typical in ; sometimes she doesn't behave herself. Today was the exception, of course.

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LOL. Keep getting people corss-following me on here from Switter.at. Is that a custom instance?

me: i'm going to remember this thing
my shitlord brain: :thaenkin:

Of all things, why don't blockchain daemons run as services by default? Just thought of it. Looking at £XMR, in particular; if more nodes are to run, wouldn't it make sense to install them on servers and have them run as services? Would to me.

Oh you lot ;D

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