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On the one hand, depending on what happens, could get me a latitude 5480 if Dell judges Rand too old. On the other, he could live six or seven more years, like his old ancestors Tam, Andraste, Merlin, and all the rest of the WHS Dell rescued clan.

God that sounds like something I would say. Never in a professional setting, though.
@ScriptOnRoblox sounds like studio was having an oops

I do believe that this will be his second motherboard replacement in his life.

I was really hoping I could wait just a little longer, though, useless to simply prolong the inevitable. Will be interesting seeing what Dell decides to do. Either replace him, or new motherboard.

I think Rand just lost all of his onboard USB as well as audio. Not necessarily what I wanted to find out on a relaxing Saturday. Looks like I'll be calling Dell this week, doesn't it?

I liked a @YouTube@twitter.com video youtu.be/zS0ihr_BKMw?a Ke'von - Thats Out ft. YH Lil Chris

My previous account still exists, in light of not being able to delete it, though I just don't use it now.

For all my @MastodonProject@twitter.com followers on here, follow me via Cambridgeport90@qoto.org. Just swapped instances in light of a previous conversation I was having with somebody from up there.

I can interesting things in the future happening, though not sure what any of them are. Hopefully though, creating my own instance will help the engagement prospects. Right now, socially, StormlightTech is in the tank.

after all, my own instance is more representative of StormlightTech.org, though there would certainly be no censorship, no real rules up there except for the sensible ones; like … no spam, no hate speech, but that'd be about it, I'd say.

Still discovering more interaction up here. Not sure how the hell though I'm going to swap instances. I definitely won't be up here on this particular one just as soon as I can get my own instance up. Either that, or considering having two accounts, and moving this one over to qoto.org. Haven't decided just yet what the hell I'm gonna do.

Your thoughts and feelings are projected onto the outer world,... More for Cancer bit.ly/yk3b9m

I liked a @YouTube@twitter.com video youtu.be/efTGTFZmCBw?a Let's play The Gate part 3 Kinky Vampires?

I liked a @YouTube@twitter.com video youtu.be/4k1JDKHvulY?a Martyrs - Good Vibes Only (Prod. FlipTunesMusic x N-Geezy)

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