Going with my Saxbys cup. Good a Philadelphia regional chain. Bought two weeks after kidney transplant.

Adding to “ISAM” turns out to be a bigger deal than we thought and not ALL fun 😉.

The Writer’s Tears Irish whiskey is good. Not Great. But then it is a lot less expensive than Midleton Very Rare.

For @trmaguire on Twitter. Was shopping for Jameson’s and saw this for a little more. Will report on it later.

Gray windy day. Waiting for her polish to dry. All good. I got Writer’s Tears Irish Whiskey while I waited.

Morning walk. Got the sun before the clouds wandered in. ¾ mile on the soft sand and over a mile on the hard.

Finished Parkinson’s Law … for the third or fourth time. To many laughs and still too true after all these years.

At the tailor. Taking the suit in for the big wedding in Amsterdam @bencrain @bartroel

Intriguing day. A co-worker asked a great question. It sent me back to The Mythical Man Month (1975). Still an inspiration.

Joe’s 2nd Street Bistro. Favorite place on . Casual with great food and terrific people.

@roberto an example of the start to the day (on “Sky the 1953 Smith Corona Skyriter”). Much of what is to come is too private or raw to share 😉😕

Starting Slowspoke: A Univyclist’s Guide To America by Mark Schimmoeller. 📖

Two more pages of Flaming Typewriters by McMillan. Done today! 😊🚿📖

The Skyriter all cleaned up maybe for a trip to Europe.

Scrubbing Bubbles, some brushes, and elbow grease made the 1953 Skyriter look a bit more respectable. Pix in the morning.

For the RecordLove all the chatter about the . It has been a long time coming. All I ask …

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