the party that believes in science is gonna shut down the virus specifically by not doing what every country did to stop the virus

who is emmy and why did she give cuomo an award for being a bad governor

what’s something that isn’t butter but *seems* like it is?

if trump tries to come back to nyc he’s gonna get shot on 5th ave

the entirety of nyc just erupted in cheers for the demise of donald trump. fuck you forever you horrible piece of shit. never come back to our city

Has-Been Conman bids “Bye Penn!” as Election Tightens, Biden Margin Widens

keith olbermann gunning for main character on twitter on election day

this is the end result of refusing to allow criticism of biden; he does not have to improve himself to attract voters, only the voters have responsibility in this process and the powerful are inexplicably blameless

nasa employee: oh u guys are back early

astronaut: moon’s wet

nasa employee: what?

astronaut: *grabbing a mop and getting back on the rocket-ship* moon’s wet

if you hack trump’s account and your first instinct is to alert him instead of tweeting something like “i eat poo poo with my big boy hands” you’re a goddamn fool

quibi once again innovating as a short-form company

actually quibi is short for “quick bye”

if biden was actually a kind and decent person, the compassion he shows for his own son would extend to the people he’s harmed and killed with the oppressive system he helped build

but he doesn’t, so he isn’t

Raised By Wolves: it’s the 22nd century … humankind has destroyed the Earth and all good haircuts

sci-fi show writers room cheering as they spin a wheel to pick the environment for a planet, the only options being “joshua tree” and “iceland”

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