look, the emperor is self-impeaching, what do you want me to do? throw him in a bottomless pit?

nancy pelosi is like if luke skywalker joined forces with vader cause he was stupid enough to believe they could do good things if they ruled the galaxy together

its so easy to be a ten x engineer watch this

for (i=0; i<10; i++) {

boom. easy, next question
my IDE is twitter

if you loved the stiff waxlike mannequins of The Polar Express then you’ll *love* the empty taxidermied hell-creatures of 2019’s The Lion King

everyone: let’s call uncultured people ‘philistines’

phil: uh

amazing: if justin bieber wasn’t cancelled he’d be 32 years old today

(fyi this is not a dig against anyone I know who does a podcast)

dudes love to say that selfies are narcissistic but they’ll never say that about podcasts

randy newman sounds like a muppet doing scat with real words

Why is Apple’s Combine framework closed source and iOS 13+? Why isn’t it part of the Swift library if it’s Swift’s answer to KVO?

AR is gonna be so dope when there’s AR glasses and until then I hate it and it sucks

Pretty solid, uh, intentional self-burn, makers of iTunes

regular brain: the new Mac Pro looks like a cheese grater
galaxy brain: the new Mac Pro is a shopping cart

wow you made the fastest mac in the world and ignored Nvidia graphics, you dumb fucks

lol the guy who works on this can’t even get text selection to work

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