*chanting* clocks clocks

tim cook: clocks clocKS CLOCKS

steve jobs ghost: CLOCKS CLOCKS CLOCKS

@camh I've reloaded this toot several times over the past half hour and it's still making me laugh in new ways

@mathowie thank you! although I should note it is based on this amazing classic of a tweet:

so all props goes to that guy!

@camh oh yeah, for sure, I recognized the parody of it.

I would have also enjoyed if you did a "buddy, I work here at the clock museum and even they don't let me fuck the clocks"

@mathowie oohhh that's also solid … although *wishpers* i think they let jony fuck the clocks

@camh “each of me thrusts into the clock's alooomeenium face has been precisely calibrated”

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