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Verifying myself on Oxford Circus



Verifying myself on Oxford Circus



Verifying myself on Oxford Circus



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Do you have ideas for how a good wallet work? 💡

@G_Rak is looking for crypto users to join in a paid research session:

RTs for wider reach appreciated ❤️

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🔥 Vega has raised $5m to continue to build and launch an open and efficient decentralised alternative to the cumbersome and restrictive market infrastructure of today. The round was led by @arringtonXRPcap and @CumberlandSays

this is some



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A lot of people have been asking how to move their group chats from other apps to Signal, and Signal group links are a great way to get started. Drop a group link into your former chat app of choice like you're dropping the mic on the way out.

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Tada - we open our decentralised derivatives testnet to the world 🎇! Calling all who want to come and play - no need for referrals or golden tickets 😉

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It's official ANYONE can access @vegaprotocol Testnet as of now!

Download Vega Wallet, generate your keys and harvest that [fake] vol or get rekt 🦖

More info 👇

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The @un has launched a global initiative aimed at misinformation called Verified. I recorded a short video for them to talk about the problem. (Usual hand-waving caveats apply).

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Our panel is now live "The Layerization of Decentralised Finance: Synthetic Assets, Futures, Options: What's Next?" Speakers: @kaiynne | @synthetix_io @barnabee | @vegaprotocol @UnslashedF :star2: Moderated by @Mona_El_Isa | @avantgardefi

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In a randomized study, Facebook users deactivated their accounts for 4 weeks in exchange for $102. Disconnecting from Facebook led ex-users to socialize offline more, become less politically polarized, and improve their subjective well-being. 2 min. read >

Off the shelf e-commerce type thing that works well for selecting your own home delivery slot?

Massive shout out of thanks to all NHS & PHE staff, scientists advising gvnmnt, & those who have to take v difficult decisions w minimal evidence. All working so hard to manage this crisis. V easy to criticise from outside. I think you are doing an amazing job 🙏

Head Teachers, Early Years Teachers and School Business Managers. Come work for this progressive primary school in beautiful South Devon.


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