My spell checker doesn't recognize "pre-vacation" as a word, but it does make some... interesting... suggestions. 🤔

I can't imaging drinking 40-50 cups of anything a day, let alone coffee... Voltaire must have been *wired*.

A smart take by, and one that I want to believe is true; the premises seem reasonable, but I also think there are reasons against...
I think the inte@broderick@twitter.comeaking up again and moving back towards the way it was in the mid-00s and I have several observations about this I'm going to dump in a thread.

The TL;DR is that grassroots internet use is both good and will create a…

I want to send this link to SO. MANY. PEOPLE:

"Stay loose. Let go. There are other bananas."

Wanna know when peak fall foliage is going to happen where you are? There's a map for that:

(But I do think not naming it a "Chlorophyll Choropleth" is a missed opportunity.)

"It's very important that you respect and adopt exactly all of my fears, shames, and anxieties—but ONLY exactly mine. Because mine are very important, and all the other ones are extremely bad and dangerous."

—Pretty Much All Generational Advice Forever

Love this review of's new book (which I've been looking forward to for a while now):

(See what I did there?)

Just found out that Neal Stephenson's "Atmosphæra Incognita"—which is a worthwhile read in itself—is part of Project Hieroglyph, which looks awesome from any number of angles.

“GoldenEye” (1995) is now 24 years old, which makes it as old today as “Diamonds Are Forever” (1971) was when “GoldenEye” came out.

How Technology ruined good design

The very first piece of Mac software I ever bought (back in like 2002) was Now it's back with and he's just released v5.0. So rad.

Running 100 miles is super impressive. Running 100 miles *on a track* is flat out insane. 🤯

Also, this: " feels as if there’s a subtle, but important, conversation happening among those making Star Wars stories these days about just what counts as a Star Wars story from this point on."

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I saw this and immediately thought of
Being an adult gamer is basically just@MarkMulvey@twitter.comery game you want... But never really being able to play them like you should.

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