Thinking about a <relationship> tag for a new browser that I'm building at Mainframe. Discussion here

I'm exploring how decentralized, sovereign identity might make the internet more humane here:

"Hello, I'm one of your constituents. I know I'm not usually relevant to the conversations you have in the halls of power, but I'd really like if you voted to restore net neutrality. Thanks."

I'm intrigued by and really look forward to a day when my online identity is mine to control and selectively share.

"They don’t care about government, but they do care intensely about politics. Political conflict, for many, is a critical source of meaning, tribal belonging, and personal identity, comparable to art, ethics, religion, and psychology."

I think one of the major shortcomings of modern capitalism and democracy is that there is no system-wide signaling method for pain that is as subtle, decentralized, and computable as money.

Can anyone explain to me why French unions don't want Netflix at the Cannes Film Festival? And also, what does Fremaux mean by "The history of cinema and the history of the internet are two different things"?

Krita is an art app that deserves more attention. Free, open source, nice to use. I'm impressed.

More plz! "There are many things that the monetary market right now will not value appropriately: raising children, arts and creativity, caring for the elderly, environmental sustainability, even science. Our society does not reward these things appropriately. My plan would be to create a new currency...You can trade [these new digital currency points] and have this parallel economy based around things that we know are good." -- Andrew Yang

A sci-fi novel where God explains he's so sorry, but he was only able to broadcast 20MB per day using a low-orbit geostationary satellite he put there in the beginning, and he's been working on 2-way communication for some time now.

Facebook doesn't understand relationships. It's disconcerting when your mom wants you to do something and Facebook conveys instead that "A friend wants you to like a page on Facebook."

haha "Last month, I had to install a package manager to install a package manager. That’s when I closed my laptop and slowly backed away from it."

The 100 years between 1850 and 1950 increased the average home-town distance between spouses by an order of magnitude (10 miles to 100 miles)

Oh wow, love this. How have I not seen this before? "We are the world. We are the children."

this list of JSON-speaking APIs that don't require authentication is going to make my life as a programming instructor much much easier

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