So ya, got my diagnosis yesterday, picked up the pills last night, took it this morning.

I'm really trying not to draw conclusions until I'm doing this a few weeks, but holy hell I'm on today. Normally I would just say it's a lucky today and that I'm kind of wired. But this is going beyond any normal stress of on focus I had in a long while. We'll see what happens next.

Next step in a long journey.


Still buzzin'. Phew, is this what life is like for normals?

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@canadalek The first 2-4 days you'll get a little euphoria. After it settles down you'll have a more accurate picture of the real effect. But yeah, sounds like you've found something that works. Best of luck with dose titration :) It _is_ quite a revelation when you realize how hard you've been working all your life compared to everyone else.

@intherain euphoria. yes, that. Mild, but it's real. That's the thing flooring me. I've had three "on" days in a row. I still waste my time on this or that, but I'm not groggy and miserable. I go back to doctor after 2 weeks to adjust up the dose, and checkup.


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