@Fritillaria2 I did this last week, booked a half day time slot to go back into my office, which I haven't seen in months. All ready for a day of work alone. Realized as I stood in front of my office door I left the keys at home.

Hey there new keyboard, how are things?
Oh, you say I don't need to use shift anymore !

thoughts on fediverse software 

@vfrmedia thanks, your post led me down a fun rabbithole of the fediverse and I stumbled onto (snarl...) which hadn't existed when I initially got excited about mastodon a few years ago. So in your analogy what do you think "Matrix (Synapse)" and "WrtieFreely" are?

@FiXato @lj_writes madness, that's how the third great galactic breach war started.

testing hyperspace app for mastodon, it's pretty.



"Why can you do it now and not earlier? Why can you draw all day but not even eat?"
This happened the other day, so I tried to draw down my attempt at explaining Executive Dysfunction and why it sometimes just suddenly.. disappears.. #ADHD #ADHDalien



Of all the inventions in the last hundred years, the dry erase board is probably the most remarkable.

@cassidyjames a great idea, if people gripe they should get over it, the world is dying, these are first world problems in the extreme.


Starbucks is big enough they could probably switch over to completely reusable coffee cups and cause the industry to follow. Bring a reusable cup and get your coffee like normal. Forgot yours? You can buy one at or slightly above cost along with your coffee.


reducing eyestrain 

@b_cavello Also it's helpful to consciously take breaks. I like to occasionally get up and take a minute to re-fill my water glass and tidy up literally a couple of things. Whatever gets your eyeballs off the screen for a 5 minutes.


However, I think that in our case such a scenario is highly unlikely. First of all, the order of events is reversed--ActivityPub and Mastodon have been built after Twitter, as improvements over Twitter, and the current, not insignificant userbase has specifically left Twitter over bad features, management, or misaligned incentives, so there is essentially no risk of losing that userbase back to Twitter even if it joined the space.

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My homage to D.C. Fontana, an important name in the Star Trek saga since the beginning, who passed away last Monday.

@FiXato Aw shucks, now I'm sad. He rejoined the Great Link for the last time. May his soul be at peace.

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