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Bryan Steele 🐡 :flag_ca: @canadianbryan

Hello 192.168.0/24. Show more

My cat slices up my legs so much when she jumps up on my lap. Ow. But awe, kitty.

Bird site is currently filling a select amount of users timelines with the things the people they followed liked..

"Doctor, it hurts when I pass not-C-strings to C string functions."

Sometimes I think about finally buying myself a nice camera.. then I take a good look around my apartment and realize.. nah.

There are a lot more Doctor Who fans all of a sudden. 🤔

@Vigdis The same amount of people who visit me in Ontario, zero.

There's times when kernel panics (which btw totally never happen), are so deeply disturbing.. you consider moving to P.E.I. to become potato farming Canadian instead. 🥔 🇨🇦

Game of Thrones is cool, but I'm more hyped for The Strain tonight. 😁