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Bryan Steele

Does anyone else really hate the horizontal scrollbars on mastodon?

"ratchov@ modified sys/dev/audio.c: Add a "record.enable" mixer knob to control recording. When recording is disabled, the device records silence. The control may be modified only by root and defaults to "off", ie. recording is disabled by default. ok florian, deraadt"

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Just sent out a diff which implements monitor mode support in the driver on :

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A very interesting talk (via the birdsite) on OpenBSD on the LUNA-88K system by Kenji Aoyama

The LUNA-88K is a Motorola m88k-based system built in Japan (see:

(Disclaimer: I madly loved the m88k architecture and was a lucky owner of both a Data General Aviion pizza-box & radiator systems)

On second thought, actual farming is stupidly difficult and physically demanding. Nevermind!

I watched some people play Stardew Valley multiplayer and immediately decided I wanna be farmer Bryan. Adieu! :thinkerguns:

That Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. finale, don't play with my emotions like that! :psyduck:

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#nsd 4.1.21 for #openbsd

Here is a "backport" from upcoming 4.1.22 to do refuse ANY only for UDP (by responding TC).

It also contains a proposal to turn refuse-any and minimal-response on by default.

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Bahahah the code is from PF πŸ˜‚

It looks like they've replaced PF with KX, maybe so no one would notice

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When people still using MD5 in the year 2150 is one of the most realistic things in a TV show


" report: Antoine Jacoutot (ajacoutot@) on and portroach"

"portroach rampage" ☺️

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" report: Paul Irofti (pirofti@) on semaphores development, wifi stack progress and ports work"

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It's still a pretty broad set of promises, compared to chrome. But at least content processes cannot fork/exec, and even a broad pledge is a significant attack surface reduction that can be further reduced over time. Nice work landry@!