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I'm moving to @brynet! This account will remain. Feel free to follow me on both, or.. you know. If you wanna. :blobpeek:

hungry slacker, 🍕​ :flan_despair: 

A pizza would really help me out, appreciate help getting by this month. I'm dealing with a lot of financial anxiety lately..

Life is so damn expensive here. :flan_insomnia:

Sorry for repost, having trouble reboosting. :flan_peek:

So is anyone playing with #OpenBSD 7.1 on the newly supported Apple Silicon Macs yet? All I've seen so far is reports about.. virtualization.. :flan_peek:

Or if you have any other interesting hardware? (Steam Deck?), send those logs in to dmesg@ (or NYC*BUG's public dmesgd!) :flan_thumbs:

I have sent out a patch for the #OpenBSD athn driver which switches this driver from MiRA to RA. Please help with testing if you can :flan_smile:

I'm moving to @brynet! This account will remain. Feel free to follow me on both, or.. you know. If you wanna. :blobpeek:

#BSDCan Talk: Unveil in #OpenBSD
The Unveil system call, it's use in Programs, and new semantics for it
by Bob Beck
More Info:

I do still check here, for DMs and people who accidentally @ the wrong account. :thounking:


If you find my shameless self boosts to be at all annoying, feel free to click on my profile, then the tripple vertical dots next to my follower count, and finally "Hide boosts from @brynet


#RUNBSD @eurobsdcon Todd Mortimer gave a brilliant talk on #ROP #Exploit #Mitigations in #OpenBSD check it out here Thanks Todd for explaining what Return Oriented Programming is, and how to mitigate against it.

Hi! I'm Pamela, and I make the "flan" emoji set:

:flan_tea: :flan_royal: :flan_writing: :flan_cheer: :flan_molotov:

I learned inkscape to make them, and it has been amazing watching them spread through the Fediverse!

I adore making the set, and I want to add to it and develop new ones! What I need is some breathing room so I can create, and so I'm launching this patreon.

If you enjoy my work, I would really appreciate your support! Thanks! :flan_guns:

I'm moving to @brynet! This account will remain. Feel free to follow me on both, or.. you know. If you wanna. :blobpeek:

@mulander @bcallah @devnexen @brynet

#openbsd gamers - #Chasm is a metroidvania indie gem released *today* that runs on OpenBSD with sound and gamepad support - first fully running commercial game of 2018! Steam library needs to be replaced with a stub, but that's all! Then just run #fnaify on it and you're good to go!

A lengthy report! ☺️

Ingo Schwarze (@schwarze) on sed(1) bugfixing with Martijn van Duren (martijn@) , and about other small userland stuff

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People are insecure about things you wouldn't even imagine. They're afraid you are judging them based on things you haven't even noticed. They secretly believe they're dull or untalented even as you sit in awe of their skills, insight or accomplishments.

Accept them for who they are. Listen to their fears and doubts. Then show them precisely what it is about them that shines so brightly and fiercely that you can't look away.

Just like clockwork, when I am about to call it a night, the TU Graz guys release a new Spectre level: NetSpectre. It is “a remote Spectre attack without attacker-controlled code on the victim, and the first Spectre attack which works without the cache as covert channel.”


Theo de Raadt on unveil(2) usage in base, a userland diff (approx. 37 programs so far) demonstrating how it will be used, also touching a bit on chrome:

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