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Bryan Steele @canadianbryan

Interesting behaviour change to chromium builds on , unfortunate but required due to increasing pressure from major companies:

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@canadianbryan Does the problem occur also on Firefox ?

@jrx It could potentially, depends on how sites abuse UA filtering. I'm not sure if a corresponding change is planned though..

@canadianbryan @jrx Nice fix, but I tend to avoid this kind of abuse by not using their services since I fortunately can afford this luxury.

Thanks for making OpenBSD as reliable as possible without making wrong compromises!

@canadianbryan I'm of the opinion that we should get rid of the UA in full. Web apps/sites should query for what the browser supports, not what the UA is.

@lattera @canadianbryan what about websites that don't use JavaScript?
Also, without user agent, how do you measure browser and OS popularity?

@Wolf480pl @lattera I'm not sure I understand the question. If they're not using JavaScript ,then they're also probably not using any modern web features.. even if that was the case, simply assuming a modern browser would be saner than web server magic, no?

I don't necessarily think UAs should go, but it's not a substitute for feature detection.

@canadianbryan @lattera I might still be using CSS animations, HTML5 video element, etc. Also, maybe I want to serve an image-less version to users of text-based browsers lynx / w3m, or sth...

@canadianbryan to keep it consistent with the tradition, it should be "OpenBSD amd64 (like Linux)" :P

@Wolf480pl Yeah.. I already made that joke on Twitter. 😉

@canadianbryan how about organising something like "Day Witouth User-Agent", during which all participating users will make their browsers send empty User-Agent string for 24 hours as a form of protest?

@Wolf480pl For the simple reason this diff exists, at the end of day.. people just want their websites to work.

@canadianbryan I'm glad you haven't answered "just make that joke on Twitter" to this one, too.

I know this idea is ridiculous.
That's the point.
People turn off lights for an hour, at all the same time, to "save the Earth". It's stupid, and it's inconvenient for them, but they still do it.

@canadianbryan UA abuse has been going since UAs existed. It sucks, but I'm surprised things worked as well as they did prior to this change.