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Request for testing/information from any AMD Ryzen/EYPC (anything with SMT) users running : CC: @_xhr_

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Paper about Intel CPU flaw is out:
β€œLazyFP: Leaking FPU Register State using Microarchitectural Side-Channels”

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Woot. The diff to disable SMT (aka Hyperthreading) just landed in -current.

You can now disable SMT via a sysctl. The default is disabled.

Anyone else have high hopes for S2 of Luke Cage this week? πŸ˜„

That moment when you accidentally bump a cup on your desk. πŸ˜“

New errata for 6.3, backporting the Intel FPU security fix. syspatch(8) now! (amd64)

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Oh look, Theo de Raadt seems to confirm my feeling regarding Intel Hyperthreading that I tooted about yesterday:

See also this discussion/rant (with @mulander @cynicalsecurity @csirac2) about Hyperthreading from January:

I'm rectifying a terrible mistake and watching "One punch man" now.

Hey Lucifer got renewed. Guilty pleasure.

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Stefan Sperling (@stsp) releases (with permission) the emails between the #OpenBSD project and the #KRACK #embargo.

[mathy] "I sent one mail on 14 August where I mentioned the new disclosure date of 16 Oct. In that same mail I also gave the OK to quietly commit a fix. "

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responsible disclosure Show more

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I'd *love* to see more non-usual-suspects give talks at *BSD conferences.

Sure, the usual-suspects do stuff, but SO DO YOU! And we don't already know what you do!

And of course, you *are* cool enough to do this.

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#EuroBSDCon presentation deadline is coming up on Sunday! Do you do cool stuff with #OpenBSD, #FreeBSD, #NetBSD (or any #BSD)? PS, yes you do. You should submit an abstract for a 45 minute presentation, and give a talk.

Travel, hotel, and entry will be covered for selected speakers!