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Whipped up this Toriel pic so that i could MOM ALL YOU FOOLS

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I'm heavily considering taking domestic venom art requests but like.... At the end of the week after finals lmao

Van Gogh: sometimes? you self insert as Jesus? to cope?

I'm turning into an art history and homestuck meme page

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My art prof: Does anyone know what the mimesis is?

Me, a homestuck that read detective pony: let's talk about long cat Jane

My art history prof: Old archeologists were more like... Adventurers

Me: you can say thieves we all know

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everyone, manic:

all my passwords have been compromised

me, serene, meditating under a waterfall as my bank account gets drained by a guy named Pyotr in Belarus:

passwords are fake, and if you simply reject the notion of “security” then you have nothing to fear from hackers

Art history prof: Now does anyone know what "Eques" means?
Me, a person who has read homestuck: *sweats*

Today my ceramics teacher told me my work was quite skilled and asked me if I'd thrown pottery before and I haven't so thats exciting!

Boi my brain doesn't work I left the word children out of that post twice

Bad and naughty get put in the love and validation box

Don't know who twistedhellknight is but F to pay respects I guess

Boi I pay for this class I should get to use my tablet for notes if I want

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public high school is hearing someone scream bloody murder and thinking nothing of it cause they’re probably just being tickled by their friend or some shit

Would anyone like to be friends on Pokémon Go? My trainer code is 6897 7736 8272! Feel free to add me!

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dave strider: im ambidextrous
john egbert: thats great! love who you love

Sally Face has so many new children for me to adopt. I'm sure this can only turn out terribly.

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