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Whipped up this Toriel pic so that i could MOM ALL YOU FOOLS

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I'm heavily considering taking domestic venom art requests but like.... At the end of the week after finals lmao

Don't know who twistedhellknight is but F to pay respects I guess

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paying $25,000 usd a semester to go to uni and read about this

Boi I pay for this class I should get to use my tablet for notes if I want

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public high school is hearing someone scream bloody murder and thinking nothing of it cause they’re probably just being tickled by their friend or some shit

Would anyone like to be friends on Pokémon Go? My trainer code is 6897 7736 8272! Feel free to add me!

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dave strider: im ambidextrous
john egbert: thats great! love who you love

Sally Face has so many new children for me to adopt. I'm sure this can only turn out terribly.

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@charadreemurrs Hello Chawa!!! I hope things are going well for you today!

@fluffybois Frisk! I love you! I hope you are having a nice day! ]:) Hello Chara! I hope your day is going well!

@davestridsr Hello Dave! Sorry it's been a while since I checked in. How are you doing today?

@jennalaia Hello my child! I hope you've been doing well recently!

@geothefafa Hello my child! I hope you are doing well today ]:)

Now that I'm done being sick it's back to loving my kids on main!

Me: Hi can I get an anime with fantasy funtimes found family tropes but without the incest, pedophilia, and fanservice?
Japan: No
Me: Wonderful. Have an awful fucking day.

I'm very sad the Pandora Hearts fandom is dead because I just got overwhelmed by my emotions for it. No particular reason. I just remembered that I love every single character that Jun has ever written.

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