…am currently near the beginning of a Star Trek binge. So, prepare for periodic takes. Anyway…. tfw you’re trying to chill and someone keeps trying to talk to you:

You can measure the level of fear I have over AI with the length of a transistor in a CPU.

I think you could probably set up and give people a rules primer for a TTRPG one-shot faster than you could set up and explain the rules of Gloomhaven.

My happy place is when Iannis Xenakis drawings look like Lebbeus Woods drawings.

If this chart doesn't make you want to read an article by Japanese academics about how the brain responds to music with a strong "groove rhythm" component, nothing will.


Just noticing the small disconnected piles of clutter starting to build up in different parts of the apartment. [closes eyes and feels the breeze against my face] Wuh-oh. Feels like the wind of a deep depressive episode is blowing in.

I can’t help but see a correlation between the desire for the audio software industry to move to a subscription-based model and the slow creep of all your phone apps now needing a subscription to do all the things they say they do (or did before the switch) and how so many have gotten worse after.

People who say "don't cry over spilled milk" have probably never bought a half-gallon on credit because they have $12 to their name and then get home to promptly drop it onto their bag where they have important daily carry stuff and have it pool into a pile of papers where they've been recording notes and creative ideas they want to remember. 🥲

Put my to-do list up on my screen to try and figure out what to do, and suddenly unwittingly found myself caught up in disassembling and cleaning a controller. Joke’s on you, task avoidance! Tech maintenance is part of my to-do list! 😤

Used this little command line program I made a couple years ago in a project the other day and it made me want to dig back into the code and make some tweaks. Pretty pleased with the improvement and it’s also given me some ideas to completely rework it for a possible version 2. Might tackle that some time in the future.

Back when I released a lot more music, I was never into FM synthesis at all, and I don’t know why. Maybe part of it was the classic notion of it being hard to program, but my main synth was a D-50 so I dunno. However, learning audio programming and starting to design my own effects and devices really turned me on to it. Again, which might just come down to having a deeper understanding of it now, but yeah I’m into it now.

Random thought while opening my laptop: I think a small part of the reason that I’ve used this same laptop and have kept it running for around 15 years or so now is that all the screws on it are just regular standard Phillips screws. Different sizes, of course, but I can unscrew them all with the same size bit.

People talk about others only saying hi and getting in touch when they need something, but I think I’ve just realized that I commonly do that in reverse. Where I’ll just want to say hi to see how a friend is doing and feel like I need a reason so I’ll try and think of something that I might need an opinion on or something I could use for a project, etc etc. Maybe I should just work on feeling more comfortable with a simple hello.

Posting real talk to the account no one I know looks at time: My partner broke up with me recently, and I just moved by myself for the first time in over a decade or so. Far from being morose about it, I feel pretty okay, and like… better than I have in a bit. Which kinda gives me conflicting thoughts. Is it like the emotional version of when people get a jolt of joy and energy just before death, or is it just that I didn’t realize how emotionally wrecked I was in the relationship? 🤷‍♂️

Starting to come together. Still haven't figured out how to do the UI how I want, but this works for now. It's Windows-only so far, but I have Linux x86_64 and ARM64 ports in progress, but not quite ready yet. The latter for the 1-3 people which I'm sure exist that are running a Raspberry Pi DAW or building an MPC-inspired groovebox around an RPi and want VST support. Going back to working on the DSP itself again soon, I think.

Have been working on a VST plugin here and there for a while, and I’m kinda excited for building the next version because it’s the first that’s going to use a DSP library that I started writing for my projects. Hyped to see it crash and burn!

An internal conflict: I keep getting a huge urge to start getting back into making music for release since I really enjoy working on these cool projects and having fun with weird ideas which spawn even more fun ideas, but I don’t want to deal with how super disappointing and demotivating I feel like I know it’s going to be.

I’ve been working a lot on a filter design lately, and decided I needed a break. But it was still super on my mind. So, I put together this sketch based on an LPF’s frequency response and z-plane plot, and I’m pretty pleased with how it came out.

I don’t have a train of thought. I have a Markov chain of thought.

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