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Shoutout to those who like the idea of a smaller network with people that share your interests so that you can build more meaningful connections but still find themselves unable to approach others or get involved in conversations because of various insecurities and general shyness. 🙌

Blur’s “Parklife” but instead at the end of every phrase they say, “Fuck life.”

good to see that pivoting hard to capitalize on the battle royale craze has been working out so well for mid to large size studios, just like the mmo craze and the moba craze before it

Aside from that even, it's not even just that they did it, but the way they use it. For instance, the way they use these sounds minimalistically highlights the brokenness of the sounds themselves, which lends them really well to the theme of the album as a whole. Like, listening from the beginning so much of it sounds damaged, and then partway through the second track (Dancing and Blood) when that simple guitar melody comes in. It hits SO HARD because it stands in contrast to the rest.

Was talking about some of my favorite albums from this year and mentioned that Low's 'Double Negative' is probably my single favorite of the year, and now I've put it on because I was talking about it. Holy fuck still entirely blows me away. Making music out of broken and degrading sounds is extremely my shit, but one of my favorite bands doing it is just a cherry on top.

Got a bunch of bananas from a food co-op on the North Side the other day, and the flavor is a lot like banana-flavored candy. It's so weird. I've never known banana-flavored things to taste like bananas, but it tastes like this banana.

Just woke from a dream where me and Mads Mikkelsen are trying to help dinner guests where a shark monster is breaking through the floor and taking people. What a weird but fun dream.

dodge rolling at the instant the judge hits the gavel for my sentencing, gaining legal i-frames and avoiding my prison time

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Had a nightmare I was giving a speech naked in front of the Fediverse but everyone was just clapping and saying I was "valid"

i recommend taking two steps back from your monitor, firing up the utopian imagination, and picturing something much better than we have now

Multiverse theory implies the existence of an entire parallel universe out there where recipes are listed on websites before the pages-long story of their discovery and refinement from youth to adulthood.

Every time I read "female-presenting nipples" I get the picture of a Terry Gilliam-esque animation of a Venus de Milo where the nipples pop out and start arguing amongst each other about how they come across.

I got roped by a friend of mine into being a Dungeon Master for a Dungeons & Dragons game he wanted to get going, at first I was like “Why did I agree to this!? I haven’t even looked at this game since I was a kid!” But as I keep thinking about it, and reading all the materials to prepare I’m starting to get kinda hyped about it.

[Gets kicked in the head by a horse]: "the far-right and the far-left have a lot in common"

A kiss is so weird. I wonder where the concept comes from. How far back in the history of humanity (or further) you have to go to reach its origin...

So glad I managed to convince myself to set down and record something. Just I mprovised a nice sounding ten-minute ambient piece based on a melody I came up with a bit ago. 🎵

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