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Shoutout to those who like the idea of a smaller network with people that share your interests so that you can build more meaningful connections but still find themselves unable to approach others or get involved in conversations because of various insecurities and general shyness. 🙌

Playing a little more with the idea I was talking about a bit ago... Starting to come together:

‪I guess some of those who work forces, really do be the same who burn crosses.‬

In doing things this morning I caught a glimpse of my hand, and was suddenly struck with the feeling of how moments tell stories by what they leave behind.

It's why I take them camping, and have a vegetable garden. It's also why I got involved in local organizing.

If capitalism implodes it will be our comrades, our neighbors, and our hands that save us.

@candlesayshi The idea is to play it very sparsely and fill the space with the reverb. I might hook up an extra MIDI controller to play with the reverb as I do the piece. Since I want to record the piece live as one take. Feeling it as I play it, and since I want the reverb to be a big focus, I want control of it as I play.

Okay... fingers crossed on this idea for my project about reverb. The piece is just a single line, but I can stop anywhere and return to the beginning. I wasn't going to write it down, but I didn't want to forget it. Then I thought of how Steve Reich's "In C" is just a bunch of disconnected sections with instructions.

Part of me is pretty glad that people don't think I'm cool or funny, because trying to think of witty or funny things to say all day sounds fucking exhausting.

Didn't realize that was a thing... So, here's one of my favorite albums. If I remember later I'll post more throughout the day.

Looks like neighborhood kids took a bunch of political campaign and those sleazy real estate investor signs and painted environmental messages and pleas on them and put them in front of the community-run playground. Heck yes.

Holy fuck I finally finished the demo I was working on. Now, to put my big project to the side for the sake of my mental health I'm going to start working on a smaller project all about reverb. Excited to work on something without so much of my baggage attached. 🎼

1970s: <noun>-beat
1980s: <noun>-rock
1990s: <noun>-hop
2000s: <noun>-core
2010s: <noun>-wave

the year is 1998, you just saw someone punctuate a facetious statement ending in exclamation marks with '1's and 'eleventyeleven'

you think it's the funniest thing you've ever seen

How do people like... Actually talk about things? Even if it just makes no sense at all. They just say things, and then often other people expand on the thought or respond to it. What the fuck? Boggles my mind.

Trying to build a bassline for a song I'm working on and I think it's coming together okay.

One thing that the internet reminded me of with the latest trends is that moths are extremely fuckin' cool. LOOKITIT

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