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Shoutout to those who like the idea of a smaller network with people that share your interests so that you can build more meaningful connections but still find themselves unable to approach others or get involved in conversations because of various insecurities and general shyness. 🙌

"Will someone think of the landlords who own 150 apartments?"

Hard NO.

Decided to try this week's project. My first time trying one of these, but it was pretty fun:

Deepfake of me paying all my bills on time and being a responsible adult.

Been trying to learn generative art techniques recently. Here's some current progress. Naming it "Crash Week" in honor of the bicycle accidents I've gotten into the past couple days.

20 minutes into fixing audio drivers and chill and she gives you this look

In reading stuff from other beginner/novice programmers, I’ve noticed that a common stumbling block is object-oriented programming. Which I haven’t found hard at all to understand thus far. Which makes me wonder if either I don’t understand so much that I don’t know how lost I am or if my familiarity with modular stuff and all the time I spent editing Reaktor stuff made it feel much more intuitive than it would have been otherwise.

Using argc and argv next to each other fucks me up every single time without fail.

If anyone can or wants to: Here's a share link to the demos of my upcoming EP. Do these sound done composition-wise? I haven't really done any mixing or anything. So, I'm really just focused on making sure that the composition of the songs is good, and I'm not sure I can know if it is on my own anymore. I'll leave the link live for a while I guess. So, let me know what you think if you can. Thanks in advance.

However, I didn’t have time yesterday because my partner is a big admirer of Yoko Ono and I had to go to an exhibition of some of her work, which was pretty cool actually. Like, as it pertains to earlier that day... Extremely relatable:

Got extremely mad at my computer yesterday morning because while working on a song every time I try to change something and listen to it the computer would just stutter and collapse. So, I had to mix it down completely (which took around 15 minutes each time) over and over anytime I try anything. Then, I had to leave so I didn’t get anything done yesterday and it just made me feel worse. Going to try again today by just mixing out parts of the project I’m not changing and hope it helps.

Today in learning programming: I solved a problem using pointer arithmetic and the program didn't immediately collapse in a pile of errors and segmentation faults. Pretty pleased tbh.

Theoretical idea: I do a lot of ambient-inspired music and I find applying elements of chromaticism difficult because with the long drawn-out pads and synths, anything out of the scale becomes far too unwieldy to carry anything effectively. However, just like in composition/four-part stuff you would want to prepare dissonances, you can do a similar thing in ambient kind of stuff by preparing ambiguity to apply chromatic elements. It takes a little longer, but seems to work.

Started doing some studies on Python programming yesterday and geez... My studies before that were mostly in C, which usually makes me feel like that pic of the Gundam pilot with the “I’m a genius!... Oh no!” and looking into Python so far from that instead gives me a “This isn’t even my final form!” feeling.

So... I've been working on this album for years... and I'm thinking of giving up and refining what I have now to release it as an EP. Maybe if I had a more stable income or a supplementary income except the day job it'd have been easier to get through it, but the end just never seems to get closer as I try. I keep feeling like I've lost the focus, and keep getting distracted by a desire to pursue other musical ideas/interests that are outside the scope of the album. Shrug.

Hey night crew: I uploaded a new song on my Soundcloud the other day if you want to check it out. I still need to properly mix it and tweak a bit and whatnot, but I’m really proud of this one

my late teens thru my 20's summed up in one fridge

Sparks joy: Making music.

Does not spark joy: Releasing music.

Lately I feel like I've been learning a lot of things but haven't quite grasped a good way of applying them so I've begun keeping a notebook of inspirations (both external and internal) in hopes that it'll keep me in a creative headspace while I work on things to pull ideas together.

@realtoddhoward Guess I'm mostly writing this up as an open thanks of sorts, but it's just been in the back of my mind and I wanted to put it here since here's where I got it from. Though, I doubt she thought that insight would help in the way it did, it's offered an incredible avenue of self-reflection and rekindled a sense of wonder. It's made me grateful to be part of the community even as small a part of it that I am.

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