gotta remember good people take refuge over here

Hello friendos can someone point me in the direction of some mastodon bot stuff? It would be neat to get Pleasant Planets up in this and any potential future bottery too.

everyone now and then i open this tab and i just see a bunch of long cats

thinkin about makin one of those newfangled videogames

resurrected a bot on the other one and I was wondering if anyone can point me to bot resources for masto?

Remembered I got Aseprite. Started out trying to make Captain Viridian of VVVVVV from memory and instead made this little dork monster.

Consdering making a "Games are good" bird account to bring some positivity back into the bird and games spaces.

considering softening up the edges a bit maybe, not sure about this working on a new robot, currently using a random stock image api but hoping to dig out some more interesting sources

Just seen an advert for "Improved water, with caffeine". We have that. It's called coffee.

i have £500 worth of ikea to build though so that's gonna cut into prototyme

i got married and then i moved house *now* maybe I am ready to start working on some new prototypes

Have a feeling a lot of folks are gonna want this today, so boost it around please:

has anyone made vr breakout where your face is the paddle?

Ok I've started down a game path, gonna knock up a prototype... sometime

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