My Pixel came back home!
A pack of coyotes came up to the house after he got outside and we were sure they got him.

Waiting for 's release of a book called "Boofed by Brett Kavanaugh's Testimony"

Stand up for what you believe in.

But not on roller coasters. Because that shit will decapitate you.

We gonna change the constitution
Get ready for an armed revolution
No more talk, it's time to stalk
Those who do the capitalist walk

We'll clean up this polluted earth
Fear our wrath, men of great girth
Aristocrats and the fascist police
Will be forced to say pretty please

Workers of the world, unite

Possession is bad
The State is good
Join our communist brotherhood
You should profit from your own labour
You and not your well-to-do neighbour


Spider bite,
Spider bite,
Radioactive spider bite,
Super powers?
Sadly no.
The spider's likely sterile though.

@some_qualia our well water is so cold your butt will slam shut and won't open until spring.

Very cool "" design. Looking forward to working on a tilt-rotor design eventually. Bi-copters and tri-copters can be just as much fun as quads, at least design-wise.

@some_qualia $25?? Where? I've seen the attachments to modify regular toilets for like 800 bucks, but nothing that cheap.

If people expect me to recognize McCain as "one of the good ones", then am I supposed to recognize the virtues of slave owners who thought their slaves were better off being domesticated by the white man? Or parents who think their children are better off dead than gay?
Not happening. Not even with a gun to my head.

I've discovered that Pixel's catnip is pepperoni. One taste and he was chasing me around meowing for more.

@some_qualia the living embodiment of morality laws snatches a woman from the clutches of sin

Camera is wired. LEDs are wired. Now I just need a receiver and the quad is good to go 🚁

Birdsite harassment 

@some_qualia plus everyone dies alone. well, except for the ones who take people with them. and they're assholes.

zomg! There's a "delete and redraft" option for when you make a typo or whatever.
Love it!

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