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Who could have predicted the Mark of the Beast would have a 6 month expiration?

ƒσявι∂∂єη кησωℓє∂ﻭє 👁 

Booster shots give much worse side effects than catching the ‘rona vaccinated and with little to no measurable benefit.

The 2-party system is a nation state in perpetual civil war, whether cold or bloody.

Remember how the 90s/00s “dot com bubble” was because of narrative-driven tech startups without any substance?

Welp, that’s the whole economy now.

Enjoy the ride.

Serious question: have writers at Netflix actually ever met a human being?

Imagine being a boomer who could comfortably retire from the Workforce™️ but won’t out of fear of boredom.

Engineers are trained heavily in math and science so that they can minimize it’s necessity in their design work.

#Prolife is not enough. We need a #prosoul politics, one that promotes the cultivation of virtue individually and socially.

I agree with eternal damnation in principle. 

However, I do not believe it can be applied fairly and justly in the modern world.

🚦🚙 💨 At the intersection of the #theology, #philosophy, and the natural #science/s, this collection of biological #Talbott essays is about to run a red light at 60mph. They will change your life. Cannot recommend enough.

My kids: 2 years old

250gb of iCloud storage: $3 per month

My wife: Running low on free space, mostly all photos

Me: 😳

I presume when I’m speaking with a woman on any given topic of my interest that she is more than intelligent enough to understand what I’m talking about but that she probably doesn’t care

I accidentally promised my kids the moon tonight.

The problem with the secular liberal state (i.e. one indifferent to the spiritual and which only keeps the peace among self-determining individuals by threat of coercion)… 

…is that devils can’t be put in jail.

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