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If the way you say β€œFee-fi-fo-fum” doesn’t rhyme with β€œI smell the blood of an Englishman,” have you ever really spoken English? πŸ€”

😴 Tired: Restoring the female diaconate
πŸ˜€ Wired: Reviving the ministry of prophet

Calling my daughters little princesses to assert that daddy is β™”

It’s ironic that the β€œtimeline” trope has so strongly persisted in post-Einstein science fiction and in the popular conception when the whole point of his work is that no such thing exists.

πŸ₯° Feeling so right now receiving all these automated birthday emails and notifications. Wells Fargo even invited me to redeem my reward points in their store!

My infant just got as excited looking at a toddler as she does my cat 😹

Startups be like, "We have 50 years combined experience writing our πŸ”€s”

healing the chalcedonian schism with the good copt bad copt routine

I built a house so tall and I burned it down,

I was looking for culture to find what was already found,

But don't blame America, blame it on me,

I'm worried that the sins of the father will trickle down.

[πŸ“»πŸŽΆπŸŽ§ Bury Me Deep (2015) by Ivan & Alyosha]


Everybody’s phone:🚨 🚨 🚨

Me: πŸ—£ β€œCalifornia earthquake alert system works, everyone!”

J. K. Rowling recently revealed that after Hogwarts, Harry Potter undergoes a dramatic conversion to Catholicism in his 20s only later to be scandalized by the coverup of the sex abuse crisis that he converts to Orthodoxy and becomes a senior editor for a popular conservative rag

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