Pitched and brewing tea at a preposterously safe distance for the avoidance of accidental tarp fire. It's not completely flat (the ground in my tent falls off right below my knees), but my mug is justifiably smug that nothing has gone hideously wrong setting up camp. I've done the first day of the Beacons Way, reheated and eaten a dehydrated dinner with my alcohol stove and am ready to collapse into my tent. For this moment I'm happy. Seconds later I step into a deep pool of fresh sheep shit.

@caoilte Tonight I during my ate, I shown your posts to a foreign British person that now lives in Germany. He knows Abergavenny and lived around for a while. Fun coïncidence I did not knew it when I started to look at your trip. Wish you a good sleep there!

@xs I did sleep well, thank you. However, I'm also cheating a lot because I'm posting diary entries from five days ago. There was no signal and precious little charge while I was out there so I'm posting in real time at the same time of day I wrote them but days later from home. Hope you don't feel too betrayed.

@caoilte This looks great, I noticed it with the pp! Back to work now?

@xs yup. Only stiff shoulders, bowlegs and newly discovered midge bites to remind me that it was ever any different.

@caoilte heh, at least muscles wont melt so soon on the chair. I feel more motivated to walk now. Did not get outside very often since coworking. Well I'll stay in tune o/

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