All setup - and just in time for twilight. I'm hoping the treeline protects me from the winds which are still very strong and which are a constant soothing whistle through the branches. This is a lovely spot. Very secluded. Hard to believe it's 100m higher than the open heath I camped on yesterday. I once camped in this very same forest for a week with the Sea Scouts when I was a kid. We were in a field by the river several kilometres further down the valley and much closer to civilization.

@caoilte I wish you a peaceful and restful night. How many km were there today?

@crossgolf_rebel Why thankyou! haha. today... none! I'm being very sneaky and posting diary entries/photos from five days ago (last Friday) when I had zero network and not much battery. I did 25km and 700m up. Felt like more at the time.

@caoilte ha ha, if you hadn't told me, I would believe it.
From where did you start walking and how long were you on the road, only on weekends?

@crossgolf_rebel It was my first wild camping trip so I kept my ambitions in check. I started and finished in Abergavenny on a five day circuit from last Thursday until Monday (so the posts will go on another three days). If I'm going to last longer on the way I need to plan for bathing in rivers.

@caoilte I did that with my wife once at Loch Maree. But with bad equipment. The hiking and being alone was cool but I was also very happy to have fish&chips again when we were back

@crossgolf_rebel Nice. Scotland feels like the next logical step. I want to do trips where you're more than a day's walk from the nearest road. Your loch circuit sounds close to that experience.

@caoilte Scotland offers enough possibilities as long as you stay away from the tourist hotspots ;)

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