Why is it necessary to be in favor of Mandir or masjid, why can't we just let this case get closed so that we can actually focus on real issues.

SC wished LK Advani on his birthday a little late, tho Advani must be very happy with gift.

So now is solved, finally there will be an election which will be contested over important issues like development.

Literally zero interest in what will be tomorrow's verdict, just concerned what will be bigots' (of both sides) reactions.

"Alright Twitter".. now you are "All right Twitter" cuz all the "Left Twitter" has left Twitter!

Falak ke kisi khwab sa palkon pe sazaya (maa ne), khuli aankhe to zameen ka shehzada bana diya. Loriyon ko chandni ka libas pehnakar(maa ne), makhmali neend ko mera bistar bana diya. Pehla kadam uthaya to haathon ko pakadkar (maa ne), ladkhadate mere kadmon ka sahara bana diya. Khuda ne rakha he zannat ko kadmon tale (maa ke) , or baap ko zannat ka darwaza bana diya.. few lines of a poem from my book I'm working on these dayz...if you like then boost nd share with your freinds.. @Deepsealioness

Very happy that shortcut for is MD and not "MP" otherwise Amit Shah would bought it too

Twittr: an eye for an eye

Mastodon: A "toot" for a "toot"

Migrating from Twitter to Mastodon feels like moving from Delhi to Kerala, leaving all the smog of hatred behind and catching the fresh breath of sensibility

Twittr: an eye for an eye

Mastodon: A "toot" for a "toot"

"tenu toot suit kardaaa...."
- Me trying to get my Twitter friend on Mastodon

Mastodon to people who were being abused by hateful trolls on the birdsite since years:

It's "living" Not "leaving"
Cons of editing while talking on the phone lol

Mastodon got popular in on 7th Nov 2019.

Anti-fascist indians before 7th Nov 2019:

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