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Hey, might as well try this also. I’m looking for a place near downtown/midtown/eastern Toronto. I’m 30 years old, single, employed part-time, and, as implied in my bio, very much tired of living with my parents and hanging within their circles. I have interests in music, books, and games, but haven’t really been able to delve very deeply into anything lately. I can spare about $700 on rent.

creep meta 

Hey it's time!
I've opened commissions!
This time i'll be doing them through, but i'm still willing to go through the old paypal invoices route if you're not comfortable using it!

click through to view more info + slots!

#Commissions #CommissionsOpen #CommissionMe #MastoArt #LatinArtists

did you know that max bedroom piece of shit was DMing 7 people we know of? think about that. 7 people thinking it's an isolated occurrence, feeling trapped because this fucking scumbag wants to think with his dick

and you know it's never explicit at first, it's always their whole gimmick pretending to be a good and upstanding person even though they are talking about you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable

so i guess the point of all of this creep talk isn't to say that we need to ostracize these villains for their dastardly deeds, i want everyone to think about why perrine deleted her account. she got NO support.

it took me and a bunch of other people to get anyone to actually admit there was a problem.

i know people saw her thread and i know she didn't get the kind of support she needed from people in that discord server or on here.

she deleted her account because of how alone she felt.

creep discussion 

lmao, even apple's credit card is a joke of usability. apparently the "titanium finish" they apply to it means it'll discolor if touching a leather wallet, or a denim pocket and will get scratched if it touches another credit card

Trump, antisemitism 

people who use LinkedIn on a daily basis terrify me

Asking fedi for job help 

Ethnic Cleansing, Racism 

I guess I can also plug my patreon.

I usually have my patreon for my discord bot, Roxbot. But soon i will be adding to that with my idea of a inclusive kink list generator.

If you want to support that and help me with my birthday at the beginning of next month then you can back me at

If you prefer single payment I have a PayPal at or kofi at

The Restaurant of Mistaken Orders: A Tokyo Restaurant Where All the Servers Are People Living with Dementia

Hey if y’all know any tech company hiring programmers in Pittsburgh, DM me.

Computer Science PhD from LSU 2015
Specialized in Computer Vision and Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence.

I know Java, C#, C/C++, Python.

“mr gorbachev, hit these back walls”

just a lil joke i came up with ;)


"we in no way condone or support this hate speech, except with the dollars we pay to it. so like we materially support it but in our hearts we don't, you know? is that good enough for you"

Anyone ever think you're doing just fine until suddenly you're losing acceleration, the warning lights on your dashboard light up, and you pull over onto the side of the road, and then white smoke starts billowing from under your hood? And then you take it to the mechanic, they get back to you, and say it's $3200 repair job? And that you could buy a used car with it, but not one that befits the steep, treacherous roads with winter weather only a few months away? Well, that's what happened to me today. Please help: PayPal is, Cash app is$spunkyspark.

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