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tbh this is more for myself but I figured I'd put this out there:

So here’s a list of companies supporting Trump’s re-election:
- Bang
- inn n out
- chick fil a
- Taco Bell
- McDonald’s
- Wendy’s
- Pizza Hut
- Olive Garden
- Waffle House
- Carl’s Jr.

So if you see me starting to get thinner and toned don’t ask me why.

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Hey, might as well try this also. I’m looking for a place near downtown/midtown/eastern Toronto. I’m 30 years old, single, employed part-time, and, as implied in my bio, very much tired of living with my parents and hanging within their circles. I have interests in music, books, and games, but haven’t really been able to delve very deeply into anything lately. I can spare about $700 on rent.

Apparently my character is now Naoto, Azrael, and Izayoi all at the same time

I knew that Happy Chaos would feel weird and gross to play just trying him out, but I never thought he’d feel *this* gross. Shoutout to the Ky who dodged me though

You know I just realized I watched a few days of snarking on the queen here but nobody posted about donations for Pakistan

Trying to play Nago after three weeks off of Strive really, really sucks

The number of people impacted by the floods in Pakistan right now is the size of a small country:

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Saw some stuff going around about an instance imploding and it was fucking CYBRE SPACE? lol

They put the rapid beat toggle on the character select screen. It’s unusable in story mode and possibly mission mode. You can’t turn ground rapid beat off and leave air rapid beat on. Kamone why

tried explaining why, aside from being pyramid scams, cryptoshits are a disaster for all sentient beings, and ended up on "imagine if every new banknote ever printed was double the size of the last one"

Remember when Sonic The Hedgehog was an eco-terrorist who blew up factories and oil refineries to save the animals? They should bring that Sonic back.

“Millennials and Gen Z have pathetic DIY skills”

“Sorry, could you repeat that, I couldn’t hear you over the sound of me making a knife in a forge which I also made”

I pored through my past notifs to remember this person’s name, but does anyone know what happened to eightbitsamurai at mastodon social / elekk?

Hawaii actually had universal healthcare, housing, the world's highest literacy rate, mass-transit and more, before the US coup'ed a Cuba-like Hawaii in the 1890s and installed capitalism and a leaky military gas station, so now we're homeless & in prison & dying.

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All hotels in Hawaii should be owned by a sovereign Hawaiian government with universal healthcare and housing, not foreign US oligarchs. Go Cuba!

Since Guilty Gear Strive is popular, just wanted to let you know we are playing fighting games out here on #thelocal

we have weekly sessions on wednesday 4pm PST and also do pick up games throughout the week whenever.

someone usual streams the matches or lobbies in the discord channel if you want to watch and just hang out. beginner friendly, various skill levels welcome, were always giving each other pointers or sharing resources. community is moderated by me.

Convince soldiers fighting for imperialist militaries to stop crushing your native people, by providing for their material needs that empire neglects, and allow them to fight on the right side of history - in IndigiStar!

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The good news is people seem to be actually playing this game now. Roa still isn’t feeling so great, though I really ought to learn the setups off of 236C just to be sure. If not him, I’ve been thinking maybe Noel or Kouma.

236C is really good though… Full screen whiff punish for 1 bar…

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