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I feel like I'm being weird at people, but I don't seem to get any indication that I'm coming off as weird, so if I do come off as weird then please say so! It's just that the way people react to me seems really contrary from how they seem to react to cishet men in general

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Hey, might as well try this also. I’m looking for a place near downtown/midtown/eastern Toronto. I’m 30 years old, single, employed part-time, and, as implied in my bio, very much tired of living with my parents and hanging within their circles. I have interests in music, books, and games, but haven’t really been able to delve very deeply into anything lately. I can spare about $700 on rent.

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PSA: getting mugged?? Just say no. The mugger legally cannot take your property without your consent


i'm dying laughing at the idea of you fending off dozens of law enforcement agents with arms that are "pretty well defined."

like, not giant arms. not monstrously swole.

you merely have biceps that are clearly visible without needing to flex, and windmilling those beautifully toned limbs is just sending cops flying like a fight scene from a Matrix sequel.

Mozilla's standards for being accepted as a trusted certificate authority don't take into account an organization’s history of trying to break encryption or its conflicts of interest, letting them game the system

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I did the cursed middle name generator and it gave me Jake Holiday which is extremely badass.

@jackdaw @TeethTeethTeeth *sits down backwards in chair* hey kids u know who else was a gamer? that’s right, Jesus Christ

based on social media's role in the growing momentum of the flat-earth movement and other unscientific nonsense, i have decided to start the following conspiracy theory:

humans are actually born with the ability to double-jump and it's suppressed by vaccines and water fluoridation and cell phone towers. brave video game designers keep putting double-jump mechanics in games to red pill us and awaken us to our true potential.


Sorry to repost. I’m still trying to take care of my parents and keep myself together on top of that. I’m disabled and mentally ill so it’s a struggle, but I know many others are in much worse situations. If you do feel that it’s okay for you to spare something for me, links are below.$felyne

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When guys at work complain about people who "don't work," "live off the gov't dime," or "leech off everyone else," my favorite response is always "Tell me about it--rich ppl are the worst!!"

Usually it opens up for a double whammy because they get confused at first so I follow up w/ "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were talking about cops. They suck too."

It's always a good way to derail the convo w/ humor and let them know where you're politics stand w/o getting drawn in & gaslighted.

In my opinion Richard Nixon would have simply dodged that bus.

Told a little old lady at the bus stop that Reagan was primarily responsible for arming right-wing terrorist groups in the Middle East.

This is not a shitpost. I really did this.

fuck capitalism
fuck capitalists
fuck anyone who genuinely believes that you making a ton of money means you've done something good

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Excuse me, mister ah, mistah Floyd is it? Yeah we’re gonna need ta see dis “wall”

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me eating a handful of almonds from the bulk bin in front of the “no samples” sign

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