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tbh this is more for myself but I figured I'd put this out there:

So here’s a list of companies supporting Trump’s re-election:
- Bang
- inn n out
- chick fil a
- Taco Bell
- McDonald’s
- Wendy’s
- Pizza Hut
- Olive Garden
- Waffle House
- Carl’s Jr.

So if you see me starting to get thinner and toned don’t ask me why.

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Hey, might as well try this also. I’m looking for a place near downtown/midtown/eastern Toronto. I’m 30 years old, single, employed part-time, and, as implied in my bio, very much tired of living with my parents and hanging within their circles. I have interests in music, books, and games, but haven’t really been able to delve very deeply into anything lately. I can spare about $700 on rent.

asking for financial help, please give to black trans women first 

Good morning, everything is still shit. If you want to make it marginally less shit for two disabled trans people, please consider giving us money because the pittance we get from the government is barely enough to survive on.

Copied from a friend:

There were three people suing in today's decision about LGBT employment rights. Only one is still alive to see the decision.

Donald Zarda was fired from his skydiving instructor job because he was gay. He was fired in *2010*. It took 10 years to get to this decision. He died in 2014.

Aimee Stephens was fired as a funeral director when she came out as trans. She was fired in *2013*. It took 7 years to get to this decison. She died this year, in large part because she lost her medical coverage when she was fired and thus was not able to afford proper medical care for her medical condition.

Gerald Bostock, the sole surviving plaintiff, was fired in *2013* from his county job in Georgia for "conduct unbecoming of a county employee." His conduct? Playing softball in a gay softball league.

Justice delayed is justice denied.

race / compassion fatigue 

Normal activism burnout cycles are 12-18 months. White people feeling like it's all too much after 2 weeks aren't feeling burnout, they're feeling compassion fatigue.

The term normally describes how people get emotionally overwhelmed by Save-the-X charity adverts on tellly because they've seen too many pictures of abused donkeys.

These adverts are exhausting because they're a slog through misery and the only remedy suggested is donating.

Enough spreading around the same black pain videos over and over again, and enough making acab shitposts instead of actually doing something.

here are some places that could use some extra attention/funds

(Let me know if any other ones need attention or if there are any non-legit ones)
this one could always use some money

Hi, the reason I don’t pick a server is not because I’ve never heard of forums but because I’ve been burned by forums too much

It sucks that it's really hard for marginalized people to enter tech, and then once you get hired you realize half of your co-workers are complete buffoons who got hired because their name is Kevin

There are a lot of programmers who get really mad at the thought of testing something, or designing things so they look nice and are easy to use, or making sure they're not buggy before pushing it out there, and it is just wild to me. What other field is like this?

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Awesome! @soatok wrote a huge guide on getting started in tech, from why you might want to, to choosing paths, getting your first tech job, all the way to paying it forward.

This looks like it took a lot of effort, and you should share it around to those interested in the tech industry as a career.

Being from a queer, furry perspective does not hurt, either :bowie_tongue:

anyways arrest the cops that killed breonna taylor and here are some resources for y’all to dig into if you plan on helping out the effort.

to Black Writiers from FIYAH Magazine 

From Twitter, FIYAH Magazine has been given a donation enabling them to pay their writers DOUBLE the usual rate and encourage Black writers to submit to their JOY theme magazine thru the end of June:

direct link to submission page:

If I seem distant, its because antiblackness is everywhere and is exhausting. Also, I’m starving, a payment is being delayed and I need some food now.

If someone can please give me some money for a quick meal that would helpful, thanks.

Cash: $Underwraps
Venmo: FarahT

hey, southern fried queer pride just sent out an email and put up a gofundme for creating a Black queer owned community space
this'll be in Atlanta, as SFQP is mostly based in Atlanta with some stuff also in Durham NC.

Every nonblack person who has been complaining about Eugen and lack of accountability features on the fedi, has been boosting BLM posts, and who has the financial means to do so, needs to donate to @Are0h at his patreon to create a federated social network that *isn't* full of racists:

The minimum donation tier is $2/month, which will also let you see the budget documentation.

As of this toot,
Eugen's Mastodon patreon has 709 patrons and receives $5,991/month,
while Ro's Play Vicious 4 patreon has 68 patrons and receives $556/month.

Ro needs:
$2000/month to work full-time on PV,
$5000/month to be fully independent of external funding or ad revenue, and
$10,000/month to hire staff and create mobile apps.

If you can't afford even the lowest donation tier, you can still boost and share, especially with your employed techie friends.

Employed techies: We all know you can afford the highest donation tier of $50/month or better. DONATE.

Someone on Twitter said martial law in Philly gives white people a taste of what black people experience daily

That black neighborhoods are always under police occupation

When protests cool down, that experience doesn't go away like it will for me

That's why we have to keep fighting for police abolition

In the words of a black queer neighbor: Racism is fascism that hasn't caught up to white people yet.

Fighting fascism must center fighting racism

Nobody is free until everyone is free.

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What I am NOT saying:
- That Eugen doesn't deserve to be supported for his work
- That he is making too much money and deserves criticism for it
- That this is carte blanche for everyone to get their personal wishlist of features
- That he makes more money overall than Ms. Jemisin

What I AM saying:
- He is not working for free on Mastodon.
- That's it.

Push back against criticism of him all you like, but "he works for free" is not a valid basis of counterargument. It's just not true.

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Reminder that Eugen earns more from Patreon in a month than three-time Hugo award winner N.K. Jemisin and the idea that he's developing Mastodon for "free" is not true in any shape or form.

there's a certain kind of leftist for whom everything is labor except actual labor, which is somehow sucking money away from other people who deserve it more

Pro tip: the timeline was never just fun or funny or light or shit posting

it was just that nobody cared when we suffered racism because y’all call it drama

while we formed a community and tended to our wounds the way we always do

Hey, PMs CTOs and tech leads,

consider actively hiring a black dev or two.

Trust me, we can do more than dribble basketballs and make you nervous in public places.

economic depression and possibly revolutionary conditions 

I need to find this graphs data and add data from the great depression as well.

Apparently it took almost 2 years for the great depression to really kick in and peak.

The west keeps pushing the idea that they will recover quickly, though I don't know if thats true.

I think what is likely to happen is a slow recovery (increase in employment, but not a full recovery) followed by a massive depression caused by a feedback effect:

no jobs -> no income -> no spending -> lower corporate earning -> layoffs

So those poeple that believe the statement "Individuals dont create revolutions, conditions do" better start organizing immediately to have a head start.

I personally believe that culture and leadership creates revolution.

Dismantling the american capitalist system would help the rest of us a lot.

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