Outlook Online is so so bad at the very basic things you'd expect it to do. It'd be comical if I wasn't having to use it.

"We don't produce anything, except entitled cunts" -- my friend in the UK on potential cost of good hike post-Brexit

heh... with Syncthing 1.0 coming out and getting some news I thought I'd try it out again. On paper I really liked the idea but it wouldn't consistently work for me. Sooo yeah, turns out it's been syncing all my photos for the last two years..... THANKS!

OH! MTP stands for Most Terrible Protocol. Makes sense.

crap on a crap cracker are promises annoying. Using *check notes* EVERY FUCKING NODE MODULE and get 10,000 and two UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning.

What exactly is the point of google calendar year view? I doesn't actually display any content.

I just wrote a (ranty) post about #WebKit and #Chrome monoculture on the wake of #Microsoft
dropping #EdgeHTML:


We're in real danger of a #browser engine monoculture happening and this is quite dangerous for the #web ecosystem.

If only big internet companies would be as eager to remove Nazis as they are on fighting the war on nipples

ugh. it kinda bugs me C/C++ is a thing. They're two, very different languages, quit lumping them together.

Room for thought:

The average parking space is bigger than the average child's room.

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Sex is nice I guess but have you ever tried making a website that respects users so much it doesn't need AMP

White people using Dr. MLK Jr. to justify their non-violent bullshit annoys the fuck outta me.

Dr. King Jr. said a lot of stuff about a lot of different topics, so it is the height of white myopia and willful ignorance when they only use the parts that make them feel better.

Don't do that. When you do it shows you are more invested in providing cover for racists and bigots than living up to the ideals he espoused.

And I don't want to fucking hear it.

Fun fact: Dominic Tarr once gave me an NPM module because I emailed him and asked for it.

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RT @KSBoswell@twitter.com: so two of my classmates just asked our professor if his shirt is missing a 2nd part.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/KSBoswell/status/9

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