my favorite part of working on trash heap software is the 30-45 second load times to test trivial changes

You know what? I really like Django. When I was still prominently using NodeJS all I wanted was something like it. Ditching Node for Python was a good move

sooo many hours jumping through hoops getting CI working because docker can't be bother to interpret relative directories for the -v switch

Holy shit. 'crypto' 'currencies' are 100% akin to the Golgafrincham (Ark Ship B) starting a campaign of deforestation to prevent inflation of the leaf.

Oh sweet relief! I've had something irritating my eye for a couple days. Turns out was about 1mm tip of a pine needle.

The 'nit' in the notion of that "X car will EaSiLy do 300k" is that it has to be the same person taking it over 300k as 200k or a good enough mechanic that they'd not be asking that question in the first place.

learning new things about the house.... if I go to my desk too early, I get blinded by the riding sun....

Then of course I find one immediately after public complaining. Should have done that earlier.

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Apparently I'm the only person to ever want to adapt an old EOS mount lens to Nikon F-Mount. Guess I'm 3d prontering it....

the only time I ever want to rejoin twitter is to berate KP for the consistently awful service.

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time and time again, i'd rather die than deal with Kaiser Permanente. But that's what they want and Im' not giving it to them anymore.

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Learn how your industry works:

“[A VC funded company is a] corporation founded as a financial instrument intended to turn money into more money for a handful of people you don't know.” — @ceejbot



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