could also read ctrl-n your way to typos faster than ever before

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today is... drink way to much coffee and finish building storage boxes in for my truck. Me and the circular saw go BRRrrrrrrr

Many opportunities across the United States on Saturday, May 14th, to advocate for reproductive rights:

Hey fediverse, I'm researching #ActivityPub libraries for #JavaScript. I want to get references for what people enjoy using to add to my decentralisation book:

If you have a favourite library or source, please share it with me.

Also, the book is using JS and NodeJS. I love other runtimes and languages, but I can't switch to them for this book. I know that there are some really good libs for Go for example.

Thanks for your help. Plz if you can boost it would be great.

JAXA is asking for help from ham radio operators for its upcoming OMOTENASHI lunar mission.
Part of the mission involves landing a tiny surface probe on the moon. Most of the crafts telemetry will be send in the 70cm band and JAXA Ham Radio Club would really appreciate your help in recording as much of it as possible.

Check out their homepage for more details:

📢 We're documenting and translating #FreeCAD in preparation for v0.20 release soon. If this is something you'd like to help with?
Please post to this thread #volunteer #FLOSS #FOSS #OpenSource #translation

I wish people would figure out this simple fact; just because email is bad (it mostly is) doesn't make slack good.

"Who's a pretty bird?"
Local little cute shit Chickaree pretends to be a bird to stop over for snacks in the feeder. This particular one doesn't have a lot of browns or reds and looks like a miniature gray squirrel. Very cute, but not allowed in the feeder.

We've had one or two Rufus Hummingbirds hanging around lately, presumably on a migration stopover as they head back north and to higher elevations.

Heads-up: Experimental method to show FreeCAD models within the file icon thumbnails in KDE file managers like Dolphin or Konqueror

It is such a relief to know, that in the very near future, I will never use slack again.

Doing a clean out and I have three electronics kits that I would love to mail for free to any Australian nerd/parent/Hackerspace that would enjoy building them:

1) Freetronics Cube
2) Hacklace
3) Hacklace 2

The Freetronics Cube is pretty fiddly to build. The Hacklaces look simple enough for a first time solderer with a bit of guidance.

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