"Universal App Platform: State of Progressive Web Apps in 2019." by @saadbinamjad@twitter.com link.medium.com/3lypja4pwZ

@Tchambers: I'm sure people would be more than willing to pitch in for expenses for a really cool namespace.

@Tchambers: openweb.build is $99 per year.. openweb.blog is available. openweb.app, dweb.systems, dweb.builders is $40, dweb.technology, dweb.kitchen,

For lols, dwebhub.com or dwebcenter.com.

So far, I like dweb.builders.

I'm feeling the urge to post here in a way I haven't on twitter or facebook in a very long time. Hi.

@blog @jdormit About to play with . Have you looked at plugging into BuddyPress? It seems like it would be a great fit! Especially with this feature: buddypress.org/about/activity/

Twitter's down for the first time in years! Feels nostalgic. Reminds me of the 200s.

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