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mastodon is already warping my sense of humor like a fresh ball of soft clay. now i cant laugh if it isnt for half a second

every time a reviewer tells me a singular "they" is grammatically incorrect i return it as "he and/or/nor she" and they give up and ask me to switch it back to "they"

Retoot to charge Naruto’s rasengan to destroy all TERFs, homophobes, nazis and pedophiles

sometimes I get comfortable and other times I remember cockroaches can fly

Anybody who's not a cop interact. Boost this if you hate cops

im so mad i dont have my id and its my 18th birthday so i cant buy the cigars i promised myself and im >:{

when you eat cheez its and the dust gets on your hands boost if you agree

nsfw adj shitpost 

I've run out of shitposting content, better eat my own ass.

how much wood could a komaeda kin chuck if a komaeda kin could chuck wood

the best part about making people see cursed content is the reactions tbh

factkins have the most big dick energy and not in a good way

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