If anyone works with and know how to fix pagination, please, you're more than welcome to help in the Hugo's community


I'd be thankful if you could help (if something is needed, please reach me!)

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I'm almost ready to launch my blog again, but the goddamn theme doesn't want to paginate the index's post 😩

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I have written a short post reviewing all the changes I made to my configuration in 2018. I write about some hidden gems, as well as main chagnes in my text editing workflow: diego.codes/post/emacs-2018/

My TO-DO list is growing exponentially as time passes by...

Mostly sysadmin-stuff and making a backup solution for stuff...

I need help to not put more stuff in that list :breathe:

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I just found this on a comment in lobste.rs and I'm already super happy with it: a uBlock Origin list to discard all cookie warnings, sticky bars, or css newsletter/register prompts! github.com/yourduskquibbles/we

I definetly have to rework my emacs config, again, explaining everything... I don't know why I have stuff put in the config, seriously... 😩

I'm amazed how OpenBSD is so rock-solid I'd love to learn more about how it's coded and the internals of it :blobaww:

I'm going to start working on getting back my blog again... :blobpeek:


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