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Hey! My lovely geniusfriend and all round renaissancemansdude @matthewseiji made ambient sounds for my 90s style girlhackertopia. Have a listen:

short dudes are hot but short dudes who are insecure about being short are the most annoying people on Earth

#Games #THQ

Ah yes, and since its still a relevant reminder, THQ did their game AMA on 8chan🙃

Shitposting, Inspirational Terrorism, and the Christchurch Mosque Massacre 

To get horny or go to sleep
Decisions are hard

Tickets are now on sale for the Cymera Festival of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror #Writing in #Edinburgh. (I mentioned it a month or two back).
And look! Mastodon personality /superstar/legend/what's the right word to use here @caraellison is giving a writing workshop:
There's loads in the programme, I might post about this again when I've read it.
#SF #fantasy

VR experience where you dig a grave, climb in and lie down



For every molecule of pasta, there is a corresponding molecule of antipasto

This sign is a perfect example of a primary source exercise. What does the source say? But more importantly, why does the source exist in the first place?

The sign doesn’t state what kind of behavior made its existence necessary, but we all know exactly what kind of behavior made its existence necessary

People on mastodon will literally say that leo DiCaprio is not hot but that Mr blobby is thicc and they'd take him to bone town

New piece I finished this weekend, based on a photo from my trip to Japan last summer. This was at the outskirts of Golden Gai, in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

remember that the UK is banning porn from April, lmao. What a stupid country we are

please do not two factor authenticate my wife

upon reflection i think i'd been hoping that my 2007 trip from Edinburgh to Istanbul would play out like Victor's European sex romp from rules of attraction when in fact i just spent six hours at the national archaeological museum of Athens, &c

i put this in someone's replied once but i have a cishet friend called duncan and one night we all dressed up as goths and went out and he liked his black nail polish so much that he started painting his nails. he got really good at obscenely intricate designs really quickly and when i asked him why he said it was years of painting warhammer figures lmao

getting into a fight at a fuck cabin and your head bounces off the cum-absorbed hardwood floors with a rainboot step sound

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