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Hey! My lovely geniusfriend and all round renaissancemansdude @matthewseiji made ambient sounds for my 90s style girlhackertopia. Have a listen:

Christ @pattheflip’s avatar makes me so fucking hungry and there’s no fucking in n out in the uk

Me: I should do some work to make Monday morning better
*two hours later*
Also me: But if there were four actual Warner brothers and no Warner sister then maybe Dot is modeled on Margaret Winkler, Harry's secretary who ended up founding the the entire animation distribution industry and would be fitting because...

Tonight at 8PM, it’s the… uh… I’m not really sure what the theme of this stream is, but we’re going to be starting the raising sim Wonder Project J, and the adventure game Marvelous ~Another Treasure Island~!

in spy dramas the CIA building is always so swanky lookin but I bet in reality its like a car showroom full of broken telexes and sweaty dudes eating subway sandwich

weird leftover of British/American politics that English people turn out the bad guy all the time in US tv still. like, who holds a grudge that long. and early americans were brits to begin with! is this like when you look at pictures of what u wore as a kid and go ew gross

I think about this Phil Tippett quote about creative mismanagement a lot

in other news I am working too hard maybe I should try to take it easier

its sort of horrible for humans how the more lonely and isolated you are the less people want to hang out with u

desperate attempts to try to get british people to eat at taco bell

@caraellison To be fair, the experience is pretty much the same when you're French.

*walks into gamer cafe*
*no one cares*

@jeff For some reason I feel like you would be really into this mod and if u aren’t I’m quite disappointed

There is no bad time to listen to Primal Scream’s Screamadelica

I’m djing tonight for @keza’s birthday but she has banned me from playing Drake. So tonight it’s just Ginuwine’s Pony on repeat sorry pal

What if I did exactly one weed then called my mum to say I’ve quit my job to do Etsy tarot readings

I write a weekly (much delayed this year due to health and personal stuff, now back on track) colomn for Rock Paper Shotgun called Unknown Pleasures. It's a round up of the best new games on Steam, for which I've played slightly over 1,000 games this year. There's loads of great stuff out there, give it a look!

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