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Hey! My lovely geniusfriend and all round renaissancemansdude @matthewseiji made ambient sounds for my 90s style girlhackertopia. Have a listen:

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‘Hi do we have the resources to-‘
*every producer kicks u down the stairs*
I guess i will do it with only words then, that won’t be good enough

Our video game is the Dark Souls Of making Dark Souls using only a PS4 (scrub to the end for the result)

probably more than anything I wish I could live in a house by myself. like, totally alone. and hack bits off it and paint it how I like. and have a garden

(My egg cells are always embarrassing me)
(tbh I want to get rid of them)

Like, this tshirt model is probably the hottest man I’ve ever seen if I ever met him I think my egg cells would burst through my flesh in an attempt to smother him, embarrassing me completely

I thought the mastodon tshirt modelling guy was eugen and almost fucking shat myself

tarot is rigged. they don't even let you bring your own deck to counter their attacks. how are you supposed to win

By far the silliest structural thing about Alias is that they sometimes do Sarah McLachlan-style acoustic music over SLOMOS OF PROTAGS AKing FOREIGNERS TO DEATH when one of the characters is making an emotional run to freedom *the stars and stripes billows out*

owl: quietly firing a player for saying slurs
fgc: best dbfz player in the world tweets "fuck terfs"
esports journalists: fgc needs to be more like esports........

''It isn’t advocacy, it isn’t activism, it’s pure performance.' Interesting musings on how soc media can be structured to just be bad all the time by @xoxogossipgita

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