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Hey! My lovely geniusfriend and all round renaissancemansdude @matthewseiji made ambient sounds for my 90s style girlhackertopia. Have a listen:

Seattle is lovely but being in America and trying to understand the headlines rn is heartbreaking and worrying

Come on
And slam
And welcome
To the jam

I know I’m old now because I thought having this lentil salad would be a good breakfast but now I’m sad for myself

NB Matt Damon’s Mr Ripley mouth & pillowy lips, which he bites and pouts as a disarming weapon

Matt Damon is generally unremarkable as an actor apart from in The Talented Mr Ripley, in which he is not only bafflingly (given his later work/roles) seductive, but also manipulative, creepy, sympathetic, adorable, scary, believable

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Dazed and Confused is a summer film about slowing down and noticing how everyone and everything around you is a ritual or an experience that is either for the future or for now. Noticing and appreciating the now is the part that is important. Also: cold beer on a hot day

As I have become Old (TM) I have become better at living in the present and really taking time to think about Now instead of later. I have got here thinking mostly about the Richard Linklater film Dazed and Confused, in which the central point is teenagedom as not a preamble but worthy in itself

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@caraellison oh my fucking god

My life has changed now

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@theoutrider @caraellison for me it's not just the original post, it's also the 4573 pages of everyone else on the forum being like "...what the fuck?"

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@caraellison I keep a screenshot of the OP on my dropbox entirely for the purpose of doing this

I watched Dirty Dancing for the first time today

1: Why is Swayze’s hair not individually credited
2: is this really the state of reproductive rights in America that the only way to help is Patrick Swayze has to persuade women from the Peace Corps to be close to his
3: absolutely terrifying crotch. Terrifying, terrifying crotch
4: Dirty Dancing’s sick burn on The Fountainhead was the best part of the film apart from the bit where you almost see a penis except you don’t actually

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@caraellison it is difficult to blame Frasier for leaving the building under these circumstances

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Anyway. I’m in Seattle right now with those tossed salads and scrambled eggs. They’re callin againnnnn

I worked at bbc radio 4 and made the funnies before u were even aware of who Olivia Colman was don’t u at me bro

people think I did nothing before videogames writing. I was a literary editor, a diplomatic assistant, and a teacher who speaks Japanese before any of that; it overwhelms me how people turn up to explain shit to me about stuff I did professionally when they were 12

A cool time you can have on the internet is make a popular toot about something you’ve spent your life studying and have it get super popular and then get dudes telling you about some obvious stuff to do with that and you’re like yes I considered it I am regulator tier

Yeah Bey and Jay-Z’s new album The Carters is full of smooth slow jam gold

Bey and Jay Z’s Black Effect song is really something