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Hey! My lovely geniusfriend and all round renaissancemansdude @matthewseiji made ambient sounds for my 90s style girlhackertopia. Have a listen:

I guess they are making the sonic movie because it is a character that, even from fifty miles away, looks like it is sponsored by reebok

Here is a deep deep truth I’ve learned the hard way: the ideas for creative things that I’ve pitched to other people that they’ve outright laughed at or derided always appear made by someone in the next year or two and it’s always a smash hit. So if you feel shitty after pitching something that feels good to you find any way to make it because someone else will eventually make it and you will feel sad it wasn’t you

@caraellison someone said

"If this is sonic, what is eggman going to look like"

Why are they making the sonic humanlike this is like when that person drew kirbys toes and I couldn’t stop retching

food tastes across the globe are only affected by what foodstuff is plentiful or available. This is the only reason why you may or may not like something. Apart from the people who don’t like coriander who are some sort of abomination or something

Every time i stay late in the office I think about having a beer and then phoning up the Sony ethics and compliance hotline for a chat

The only thing happening on birdsite is that Americans are having a weird time talking about how british people butter the bread in sandwiches

I think a long depressing exchange about death and mortality here and then this line ends it deadpan. S’nice

Writer query:

is the line ‘what am I going to do with immortality for the rest of my life?’

funny or no

This self-righteous garbage should get back in the bin McKee

Is it supposed to be ironic that I think Robert McKee is an unbearably bad prose writer

I literally do not give a shit about giant space robots and trying to make me interested in them is like trying to make me interested in a tram or a scooter

you know what really gets my goat? el chupacabra

Hope Theresa May totally eats shit today no matter what else happens.

If everything I desire is on the other side of fear

How much fear do I gotta feel to get a lambo

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