Maybe the reason everyone is monogamous is because polyamory sounds like a fucking spreadsheet

Yes I will make fun of polyamory until anyone at all wants to sleep with me what of it

@anarchosaurus @caraellison I know somebody who kept his girlfriends' birthdays and periods in Lotus Organizer

@saper @caraellison Now that is some 90s shit. Also creepy af. The periods more than the birthdays

@anarchosaurus @saper that actually sounds quite helpful. Unlike long conversations about whose house you’re sleeping at this week

I had a friend who did the polyamory thing for a few years. He said it required way too much scheduling 😆

@caraellison ethical poly sounds like a paradox strategy game and unethical poly is just adultery with extra steps involved

@caraellison Huh. I love spreadsheets. Also, I’ve been poly for about 15 years.

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