Twitter is so weird. Even my friends ignore me on twitter now. But I think it’s because the algorithm has got so bad it obscures everything. going on twitter is like getting digested by sarlacc and then occasionally seeing a friend’s hand wave from across the craggy sphincter


I tried to say hi to like four people on birdsite today and the noise was so overwhelming all around with the favs and complaining it was like trying to eat out of a blender whilst still blending

I sometimes get mad that the algorithm hates me since I got rid of my 30,000 followers but I also love being totally ignored in a way. It feels like being normal and not like being on a high pedestal where people take pot shots at you

@caraellison i like never see your tweets for whatever reason. i for real didn't know you were posting there until like last week or something?

@bombsfall I legit think it’s because the algorithm hides people it deems not important

@matthewseiji @caraellison

*pops in*

Yeah, I have noticed the same. To the point where I'm probably going to just use Twitter to post announcements.

The acquaintances I had there are probably going to flit away, but I don't think it's worth my mental health to try and eat from the blender

@caraellison It's gotten to the point where I dread even making very lowkey tweets or asking a very specific question. There is nothing someone won't misinterpret or use as an opportunity to slide into your life

@austin_walker @caraellison Yes absolutely. I don't do much on Twitter, but whenever I reply to anything there I'm always thinking "do I really need to get involved in this?" and "is my reply going to kick off a shitstorm of indignation?".

@caraellison they've basically made favouriting things into some weird russian roulette timeline curse. thanks twitter, so much fun. I'll never fav anything there again, 'cos I don't want to cause random pollution! >_<

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