hello im worried about going to the DICE summit next week and being alone and feeling like an impostor next to like, sean vanaman and jade raymond and amy hennig and tim Schafer and people who have shipped things

im also quite scared I won't have anything interesting to say to them and they will just be like who is this

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@caraellison pro tip I stole from Darius at gdc — see how long you can go talking about anything other than games. Ask about books, or museum visits, or gardening...just literally anything else. WAY better conversations.

@caraellison I seriously once spent 90 minutes at the base of an escalator talking to some senior game whosit about the multi-year gardening plan he was implementing in his yard and it ruled.

@courtney I think this may be my new boss but yeah maybe a lot of people get into gardening and its such a nice topic

@caraellison gardening is like dwarf fortress for real life. Do you like infrastructure, physics, and being unable to perfectly control individual actors? Try: keeping plants alive and somewhat orderly!

@courtney I think the same way about cooking. Cooking is the perfect videogame because you follow the UI until you win and you get to eat your victory

@caraellison I think talking about cooking while surrounded by shitty conference food would be an extreme power move

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