Hey! My lovely geniusfriend and all round renaissancemansdude @matthewseiji made ambient sounds for my 90s style girlhackertopia. Have a listen:

I enjoy building this so much. If you would like to contribute to this modular 90s utopia in some way, I have money to give you to make something. You can pitch me anything

@caraellison if the music would loop, it would be the perfect thing to have running in the background.

@caraellison depends on how long normal people stay on each page?

I just like the tracks (especially the second one) so much that I would totally have it run in the background to relax.
But I'm strange, so maybe don't listen to me here.

@matthewseiji @MOKKA rn I am just idling on the divebar loop and its so nice and soothing. imagine if all the internet was this

@caraellison @matthewseiji I think in an alternative universe where the early stages of the internet didn't get washed away by commercialism we might've gotten it?

People creating their own spaces without having to perform for others.

@MOKKA think @matthewseiji said it best when he said he liked it when we still thought of websites as actual 'sites' or places, literal places you would 'go' to

@caraellison @matthewseiji this just reminds me of this talk Nathalie Lawhead did in 2016:

Personally I never really saw a lot of the early web stuff (started to have personal access to the Internet in 2006) so a lot of it just completely went past me.

@caraellison @matthewseiji

i love this.
i mean it kills my integrated shitty intel graphic card but i love it because the complete code from the shader is there to look at.

@caraellison @matthewseiji
it's very aesthetic and all but i disabled autoplay so now it's pretty much broken for me :blobsad:
could you not hide the audio elements so people can click on the layer thingies?

@caraellison @grainloom I'll have to look into it since I'm not really a web person, if you have ideas about how it should work, happy to hear them!

@matthewseiji @caraellison
I'm not really a "web" person either tbh? I know how to make some nice accessible HTML+CSS stuff but this seems like it uses a bunch of weird things and I can't figure out how to make the audio element visible :blobsweats:

@matthewseiji @caraellison oh...ok, so if you add controls="" to the <audio> element it should appear

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