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cara @caraellison

don't think people know how many things writers they like write that never get made because there's no money, or no time for others to invest in it. Sometimes I feel like if anyone asks me to make something for them all I need to do is delve into my pocket and bring out a story fully formed from 5 years ago

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Oh you want a pulp story? How about fifty I wrote just in case

I wrote an entire plot and the first five pages of a new WB Batman game that opens with both Batman and the Joker dead and a rookie Kate Kane is dressing up as Batman to keep the criminals scared - Rocksteady took too long to review it and I took another job

I think it was ten pages actually, I got so excited about this one. Dick got mad that Kate was dressing up as his dead mentor and there's this horrible tasty tension between them oh man I want to write that story so much

@caraellison I'm now extremely depressed this game never became real.

@Stoffern Harley and Ivy were ruling the city. AH it was fun to write

@caraellison coincidence: I very much want to read this story

@caraellison Kate very much does not have time for Dick's dead foster daddy issues.

@caraellison Clearly Rocksteady screwed up big time not pursuing this

@caraellison For sharing that many writers have deep pockets (filled to the brim with discarded manuscripts), you receive this Gargy Award!