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citing the constitution to express my anger about nintendo

Hey folks, sorry to be that annoying bint again, but @pupper and I are still £200 away from covering February's rent and bills. Yes, I know we're in March already.

Y'all have been wonderful and I'm pretty sure the fediverse has no spare change down the couch cushions anymore, but in case there are any secret rich folks our plight hasn't reached, please can you boost this toot. Thank you I love you goodbye.

yaaay the lineup is announced so I can say: I'm curating and supervising a zine library / collaborative zine project at Now Play This this year (scroll to the bottom lol)

Luke Perry taught me it was okay to be very cool

a good thing to say to a dog who’s wagging their tail very hard and clearly excited to see you is “i’ve always got time for a fan”

anyway hey if you're going to GDC i'm part of a panel on co-ops so like come to that and hear the longer pitch for this

@caraellison I’ve been wondering about this. I know there a lot of women being hired for junior-mid narrative roles at Ubi Toronto and Montreal, and it seems to be making the “lesser” side stuff they’re tasked with higher quality than the old guard driven main storyline

it's a good day to remember that a nose being big, in whatever dimension or dimensions it's big, makes it a cute nose

big broad nose? cute. big long nose? cute. big jutting nose? cute. big two or more of the above nose? REAL cute

in conclusion, I like big noses

anyone feel like subtooting me or maybe coming over and holding me until i fall asleep

hanging out with some dudes saying "shit, man!" and "god damn!"

we are boys

Paint me like one of your French 

this is an oc of mine, one i love and have drawn countless times. he’s a story i’ve carried since childhood, a creation that’s always been near—i took my true name because of him, and he’s so very precious to me.

#SexWork #Union #California #SW

FUCK YEAH!! Get ‘em! Hollywood SWs are fighting to unionize y’all! Fighting for the same rights workers are supposed to have in literally every other industry✊🏽 This is amazing 😢😭💗!!

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