Who’s going to Barcamp Omaha? Actually I don’t know why I’m asking. Only like two of you live in Omaha, and one of the two of you is an organizer of the event. So uh… @deafferret, are you going to Barcamp?

@gabek ... how the hell did you find me here?? /me glances around nervously, closes the blinds.

Ya, probably going. Haven't bought tickets yet because November feels like a billion years from now.

@deafferret I’m just trying to keep a pulse on if people are planning on going in general. I’m thinking about going to support the new organizers and the event, but if nobody else is planning on attending locally then it’d be dumb for me to plan on travel to go myself.

@gabek @deafferret seems to have a lot of support so far! :) I think it’ll be a good turnout

@carami @gabek !! whoah! nice! Gonna buy 2 tickets now so they have the money. :)

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