ancient Mastodon superstitions, history (1) 

When I joined Mastodon three years ago, a bunch of wannabe programmers had just discovered the API and started writing follow bots. Very soon, everyone decided follow bots were spammy and annoying and started blocking them. A few enthusiasts proposed the #nobot tag as a “solution” and a fair number of people added it to their profile, but no one liked it and follow bots rapidly became an accepted reason to block instances.

ancient Mastodon superstitions, history (2) 

What’s odd, then, is that of all the early Mastodon traditions it’s the #nobot tag that persists, as a kind of charm to ward off bad luck.

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ancient Mastodon superstitions, history (2) 

@ghost_bird I was here 3 years ago and I don’t remember this lol. Then again, I’ve almost always silo’d myself to my home feed.

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ancient Mastodon superstitions, history (2) 

@carami I could have dreamed it, I guess. Memory is pretty fallible.

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