i swear, every new semester it's the same fucking thing: the alarm in the parking structure at 16th and Pico starts misfiring at all hours (and that's not counting when they "test" it for hours on end in February).

long story short, NEVER LIVE NEAR A SCHOOL.

oh, sure, SMC, have your fucking alarm going off at 2200. that's normal and acceptable.

i set up this account thinking all my friends were going to move to Mastodon because of Twitter's Nazi-friendliness and… no. no they haven't. i mean, a few of you HAVE, which is why i'm even bothering, but it wasn't the exodus en masse i thought was coming.

i guarantee you my next trip to the Midwest will be made aboard the Southwest Chief. unless there’s an emergency and i need to be there the same day. i hope there’s no emergency.

i do so love taking the train.

HOMEHOMEHOMEHOMEHOME i say this every time but i'm never leaving you again, Home.

animated avatars/icons/whatever they’re called here are so aggravating. they should be banned or there should be an off switch.

drinking Clearly Canadian for the first time in like 20 years. the nostalgia factor was strong but the product is just merely OK. i feel no particular need to buy this again.

tho i wish Trader Joes had a blackberry mineral water now.

hot flash baby
hot flash
your WHAT?
tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin roof…
hot flash
hot flash

see, i knew last night i had a migraine brewing. KNEW. did i take a pill then? no. am i suffering now? yes. took one this morning but i’ll get to suffer a while longer. :(

i spent much of this afternoon watching John Mulaney specials on Netflix. delightful!

Dad at the Machine Shed. that's a John Deere Model A, according to him.

Machine Shed was lovely. i got their reuben which was super tasty. makes me want to go to Izzy's Deli when i get back home and get a proper corned beef on rye.

OK finally on a proper computer and the Mastodon web UI is a little easier to cope with. not sure why it's so wonky on my iPad.

you and i in a little toy shop
buy a bag of balloons with the money we’ve got
set them free at the break of dawn
secure in the knowledge RADAR can tell the difference between a balloon and an ICBM

going to have lunch with my folks, sister and aunt & uncle down at the Machine Shed in Rockford today. hoping they still have their awesome onion rings and lemonade. gonna miss my folks. my sister? i'll see her disrespectful, misgendering ass in hell.

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