As a sysadmin, do you use Git and if yes, what's your level?

πŸ‘Ά basic level: clone, commit, push, pull
πŸ‘¦ intermediate level: previous level+use branches+move code b/w branches+basic merges
πŸ§“ senior level: other levels+optimize commits+conflicting merges+++

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Interesting results, I think many sysadmins could benefit of improving their Git skills for their day-to-day work.

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@carlchenet What's "optimize commits" ?

I'm not sysad, even if I done some ops things in my devs

@Sp3r4z able to craft your commit (add -p, rebase, kind of things) would have been better maybe πŸ€”

@carlchenet Okay, I get it.

I thought about re-buil a better commit, like amend + patching. Maybe git am too…

Well okay :)

@carlchenet Ah ben je suis senior, moi qui me croyait moyen+ :)

Intermediate because for IaC we have made choice to simplify and prevent conflict. In the next month the IaC will only make pull commit push.

@carlchenet @fulax
At job cicd make all necessary for Ansible and Terraform and be pulled with AWX, then admin can launch playbooks and when the result make change on local file, commit and push. Terraform is wrapped in an ansible playbook.

@wallace @fulax oh yeah, sorry. Pretty sure you don't need conflicts b/w master and dev, but how do you solve 2 people working on the same file in different branches and wanting to merge into master without conflict?

All roles are splited, one role one git repo. On this first repo, dev can access and work. When they are finish, they commit to a special branch that trigg cicd. The cicd make dev tests, linter, sanatiy check then push to master. When master updated they trigg an another gitlab with same repo dedicated to staging. Cicd make all he need to create vm, docker, baremetal same as production and make differents tests.

When ok the code is pushed to master on staging. Then a third gitlab for production is trigged and he trigg the master repo for ansible who have only inventory. Then the cicd merge all modified repos to the master one. Then admin can clone the result on read only for repos and playbooks, read write to inventory. Awx take the same repo and make actions

@carlchenet @fulax
When we need to make modifications, admin make an issue and dev code, sometimes it's the same personn (little team).

@carlchenet @fulax
If someone work an a feature they merge and make all git stuff advanced in gitlab dev on branches they are not master.

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