Ok, not fully accurate but almost! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️

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@devnull whenever I find a Debian Squeeze or Debian Etch or older 😂

@carlchenet Someone once asked if we still had a custom check_mk agent package for RHEL… 4 😂😭

@devnull @carlchenet

Once upon a time in a start-up, i have worked on a RedHat 8 in production... Not RHEL, but RedHat Linux.

End support in 2002 😅

@greenman I was a kid in 2002 😂
Had my first computer at home in 2003-2004, but used one for the first time in 98 at the local internet café.



Tragically, this story append to me only 2 or 3 years ago ...


@greenman I can't say I'm surprised… I've survicval one month in big corp with shitty computing intrfrasture, a shitload of software which is old as fuck… December '19, they still had (and probably still have) a GECOS 7 or 8 in production… Some wanted to get rid oif it as soon as possible, but I suspect it's far from easy to repolace it with some decent "modern" OS…


A long time ago i worked un a compagny how had some HPUX, DEC alpha, and AS 400 .....

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