@carlchenet Well... Why not? I indeed debugged and fixed a Python script on a live production once...

But I suppose I'm a little a crazy person and this is generally a bad practice 馃槄

@AugierLe42e @carlchenet what if, you actually live in a timezone where it's still Thursday when others are already into Friday? 馃榿

@mmu_man In my case, tz is Europe/Berlin and most people I collaborate with are located in Europe. So unlikely to happen 馃槄

@AugierLe42e often it has no serious consequences. The real question is: who's going to fix a side effetct of this fix on Saturday or Sunday, especially if there is no onduty team? Not me for sure 馃槄

@carlchenet I've made #readonlyfriday a thing in every place I've worked. Sell it to management by highlighting the reduction of overtime, downtime costs, and sharpening of IT skills if you need to

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