Just realized that fact: Mastodon instances should indicate the name of the company/organization providing the network for this instance.

The problem is: if in a country only one network provides connectivity for 99% of the available instances like (maybe) the OVH company in France, users should know this data in order to open a backup account on an instance hosted in another network, why not in another country.

@carlchenet If I run a single user instance, this is not needed. I can just move my data to another server if I am no longer satisfied with the current provider.

On a personal side, what is it you have with backup accounts? Maybe you should explore projects like #Hubzilla that has a strong emphasis on user account migration.

@dragnucs lots of people don't have the technical knowledge to self host their own instance. Choosing a well-administred instance and having a backup account helps to improve the Mastodon experience

@carlchenet That's a good idea. I'm going to make that available.

@carlchenet my pleasure. makes sense and you make a good point for doing it.

@nightpool of course I'm not worrying about technical users (even if reminding them sometimes...) but informing non-technical people thinking they are protected by the distributed nature of Mastodon.

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