#Music #Production Pro-Tip:

I don't sit down in the beat laboratory because inspiration approached me like a familiar and sat down on my shoulder.

I sit down in the beat laboratory to concoct an alchemical mixture of sounds that becomes music.

You can't just _wait_ for inspiration to strike you.

You _have_ to sit down and find inspiration.


@beatmage Or as Picasso said: when inspiration comes, let it find me working.

@carlesjove I very rarely have an idea before I go into the lab. I usually sit down and just start pushing buttons until I formulate one. Usually it’s inspired by a specific sound I find in my library.

Or sometimes I just sit down to make new sounds to store away in the library for later.

Usually, my ideas that come to me outside of the lab are far from the lab, and you can find me walking down the street beatboxing into my iPhone mic 🎤

@beatmage @carlesjove
❝The song we’re composing already exists in potential. Our work is to find it.❞
— Steven Pressfield, in his great book "Do the Work"

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