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I am improving the wysiwyg for #Pleroma (cf attached).

Also, images between <img> tags will be detected and loaded in timelines (Pleroma, Friendica and GNU use them).

I fixed the upload issue for #Friendica and #GNUSocial


Against complexity in computing

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I'm afraid that a moderation API alone would not be enough of a measure against spammers. It presumes that automod applications will be developed, that admins will know about them, and that admins will set them up. Which would require self-hosting because automod-as-a-service would have awful privacy implications.

That's a shame though because experimentation over a moderation API would be more effective than a centrally designed upstream solution.

Moral Wisdom in the Age of Artificial Intelligence: Cybernetics Pioneer Norbert Wiener’s Prophetic Admonition About Technology and Ethics #News
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