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Moral Wisdom in the Age of Artificial Intelligence: Cybernetics Pioneer Norbert Wiener’s Prophetic Admonition About Technology and Ethics #News

nightmare levels are 18% and rising

(18%) ■□□□□□□□□□

Microsoft says support for Windows 7, which makes up 40% of desktop market, will end Jan. 14, 2020; enterprise customers can pay for extended support until 2023 (Zack Whittaker/TechCrunch) - Zack Whittaker / TechCrunch:Microsoft says support for Windows 7, which makes up 40% of desktop ... more:

Turn On Auto-Updates Everywhere You Can Meltdowns like the Chrome zero day bug show why enabling auto-updates can be the wisest choice for many consumers. #cybersecurity #Security #Chrome #advice

I still cannot use pixfed with any mastodon client, it is still not compatible with mastodon fediverse?

Lobster day. Has been years since i had my last lobster until now

*feel urge to buy this pack just for plugging them all in each others*

Why so many instances are banning instance?

The history repeats itself over and over again so... all tumblr refugiees are very welcomed here. I feel happy to see new instances like that were made just to fit as a new home for tumblr refugees.

ppl on this site are SO much better about supporting art than other platforms i've been on. like tumblr and twitter if you don't have many followers you get radio silence, but here thats not the case and its rad

When I have no good toot ideas but I still want interactions

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