I will fly to the end of the earth ... the world looks slow right now.

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>Before this waste of time can be downloaded you must link it to an itch.io account

I've been debating buying this camera lens for like .. over a year. If I can get this script done, I'll probably pull the trigger on it.

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I have the worst manager at work. I cannot describe how evil this fucker is. He's currently on house arrest for assault and witness tampering in a case against his ex girlfriend. He tried to gaslight me on a call yesterday. I don't understand why he even still works here.


It's a beautiful day, the first tshirt day in a long long time. The park is full of people, which means I'm sure it will be on lockdown soon. Sad. I love being out here and seeing all the runners. All those fucking hot ladies with their tight legging and perfectly round asses. Yum. I'm so gonna have fun getting off tonight.


Ugh, I went though all my sex toys last night and this morning I'm still so hornt!

I hate having to do things early on the weekend. I gotta meet someone a little over two hours, and there's the birthday party tonight, which means I gotta stay sober today. Come on ... you can make it through one Saturday

Every song Roller Derby role change over the past decade have made the game more boring

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