@danfairs ooo I've not seen one yet. Think it's been delayed by a couple of months - manufacturing problem with the fancy pants headlights they're using in some models.

@danfairs yea it's a bit weird when it doesn't need to be there (I don't think, no gears etc). I've only seen pictures, not any reviews yet. I might take a look. Assumed other car manufacturers would have caught up a bit more by now though - was a shame to hear about the delays at Jag.

@danfairs is there a frunk? tThey've gone for a console in the middle between the driver and passenger too. Makes it look a bit cramped. Shame cos it's a really useful space for a handbag!

Hello brave new world out there! Let's see how this goes shall we...

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I just published “The great Mastadon migration of 2018” medium.com/@jukesie/the-great- (you lot are already migrated but...)


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