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I decided to spend three months in Southern Italy in a quite rushed decision so uh, send me suggestions on what to do around here I guess?

Interessante notar o volume de anúncios de Facebook dos quatro principais partidos do Reino Unido.

O maior partido (Labour) é o que tem menos. Menos até que o menor partido da disputa, Brexit (que tem 23% do número de filiados do Labour).

the only way i've been able to make cis guys understand this is by saying "imagine if you're thrown a surprise birthday party, but it's not your birthday, and you have to sit silently while they do all the birthday things etc knowing this, the time comes when you're allowed to speak and you say it's not your birthday. They hate you for that, all of them"

the future is outrunning cops til they run out of battery

Esses dias tô passando por uns perrengue mas vai ficar tudo bem.

~ Reading about Alan Turing ~

*Sigh* I hope someday I'm so powerfully gay that it's a national security threat

What must a world where everything isn't covered in cat hair be like? I will never know

Família do #Juiz que determinou prisão de brigadistas já foi multada por crime ambiental


(Não conheço nenhum lugar com uma #elite tão indecente como a brasileira. Não há equivalente, arrisco a dizer)

There's this giant metal ball on our university campus and somebody gave it eyes

Googly EC in picture

I can't believe I had ancient Greek in school for six years and ONLY NOW heard about this guy called Pytheas, a contemporary of Aristotle and Alexander the Great

We really need to stop normalizing corporations "taking inspiration from modders and fan communities" and acknowledge that what's actually happening is a multi-million dollar company taking what someone made for free and monetizing it to their advantage

While paying them nothing at all, might I add.

No último #podcast #tecnocracia do ano, Guilherme Felitti repassa 2019 para mostrar o que mudou na tecnologia este ano.

Em resumo, a briga pela manutenção dos monopólios do setor ficou escancarada.

Em detalhes, só lendo ou ouvindo:

Introducing the brand new Pleroma Toaster

With our brand new and innovative cloud-connected toaster it is now possible to both host Pleroma and toast bread without ever leaving your breakfast table, all thanks to a single handy appliance!

The Pleroma toaster features 10 different shitposting speeds and 8 different toasting levels, all configured and ready to use out of the box!

eu acho que perdi a data de inscrição do Pyjamas e quero chorar 😥 esqueci totalmente que era ontem.....

i just learned that it's called Mad Men because of Madison Avenue, i always just figured it must've been a show about some dudes with anger issues

Standard Notes is a simple and private notes app for #Linux. It syncs your notes securely across all your devices, including your Android devices, Windows, iOS, and the Web.

If you're building software/platforms that do not include robust tools that one can use to effectively protect themselves from harassment, you're making the problem worse.

If you're not coming down hard on toxic and often violent bigoted behavior, you're contributing to the problem.

PV is proof positive that we don't have to deal with any of this non-sense if we just *try*.

If you have a bigot problem in your community, it's because you want it there.


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