“The tool could identify activists at a protest or an attractive stranger on the subway, revealing not just their names but where they lived, what they did and whom they knew.”


please find my son

please. has anyone seen my son

its not a "Them" (racists) problem. Its a white problem. The fact that such an incredelous statement could be exclaimed, unpunished should clarify the general unease brown people have in this country, and rightfully so.

Cool tool 👉 The Design System Checklist: an open-source checklist to help you plan, build and grow your design system.


fun math:
-financial experts say you should only spend 1/4 to 1/3 of your income on housing
-the average price of a one bedroom apartment in Harlem is ~$2300 per month
-in order to afford this, at the max recommended 1/3 of your wage working 40 hours a week, you'd have to earn ~40 dollars an hour.
-To get to 1/4 your wage, you'd have to earn ~53 dollars an hour.

rent control isn't an extreme policy, it's a compromise between right now and eating your landlord.

I'm working on a 2020 revision to my book, OAuth 2.0 Simplified!


If you find a typo or other error that I am not already aware of, I will send you an OAuth cat sticker! Send me an email or DM with details if you find something!

While you studied the blade, I was partying
While you mastered the blockchain, I was partying
While you cultivated inner strength, I was partying

And now that the world is on fire and the barbarians are at the gate, I'm still partying.

I don't even know who you are.

@danielemereb considerando o tanto de gente que comeu a máscara de maionese industrializada que lançaram ao ponto de precisarem adicionar um adesivo avisando que não era comestível, eu não duvido de mais nada

Corporate third parties have built up a huge surveillance industry around us. A new report by the Norwegian Consumer Council shows how.

People: “Heh, it’s Friday, we’re all pretending to be working today, aren’t we?”

The same people: “Less than 40 hours per week?! That’s fantasy, society would literally collapse that way”

Dragon Pearl, by Yoon-Ha Lee, is an utterly adorable YA story about a young fox spirit trying to find her brother in a world of starships and magic from Korean folklore. My favourite line: "Most foxes choose to be female, like Mom and all my aunties, because it is traditional."

Yoon-Ha Lee, who is a trans man, also wrote the unique adult space opera Machineries Of Empire, which were all Hugo nominated and which I highly recommend.

**"The Genocidal Regime Is Still in Power": Assad Forces Push into Idlib, Last Rebel Stronghold**

"The United Nations says a quarter of a million people have fled the Russian-backed Syrian government offensive in the northwestern province of Idlib. Aid groups are now warning the offensive in Idlib could become the worst humanitarian crisis in the nine-year war in Syria. Nearly 200,00…"


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