don't you ever feel bad for the people on the itunes team

literally nobody likes them

wow i was literally going to toot "i haven't cried in 2 months how weird!" and then... yea

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haven't been to therapy in so long i forgot my therapist's name lol

sparks fly is a deeply underrated taylor swift song

i have to write down my 2018 worst-case scenario for goal planning:

"Ueno develops a bad reputation (both NY and SF), can’t hire new people, new biz pipeline is stagnant, we lose too many key people, morale tanks, economy crashes, nobody pays for design, Halli dies, I die, people don’t know how great I am."

i just cross my fingers that the other person's memory is bad lol

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sometimes i get too lazy to make small talk so i repeat an old conversation

mastodon is where i go to workshop my tweets

twitter is where i go to workshop my irl jokes

such a weird feeling to be 100% caught up on your TL

didn't do any of the work i was supposed to do this weekend but did look at hundreds of biker rings on etsy, good one caro

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