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*sees a straight couple* wow chasers much. stop fetishizing heteronormative bodies... not a good look. do better

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I'd ask where the "patriots" are with the guns, ya know the ones screaming about thei rrights just in case the government turned treasonous and declared war on its own people and they would need to "defend the constitution". But then... we know better, don't we?

Just curious, what's the penalty for murder in the US again? Surely it's worse than being fired????

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We probably have to finally recognize that those who have been left out of the social contract, find no reason to adhere to a social contract, which is why you're seeing protests turning into riots.

If there's one thing that this corona virus has taught me, it's that there are way more conspiracy theorists out there than I thought.

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Covid-19, Karens and other entitled people 

These places are nice enough to reopen, despite, you know, the pandemic. Yet that's still not good enough for some people. I just heard on Inside Edition of some ice cream parlor that opened, only to close again because customers were abusing staff. People were apparently upset that their I've cream wasn't being made fast enough. One 70 year old employee quit. If you're that fucking entitled and angry to harass a senior citizen who shouldn't be working in the first place, you deserve to be called a Karen.

I'm starting to have so much free time that I'm now completing Cambridge English practice exams.

I'm getting more and more annoyed by VPN ads. Stop saying my data is 100% insecure and result available when I'm not using one. Https is still a thing

Buying a home as a gay couple: One of us is always referred to as Ms. because for some reason people in the real estate business cannot grasp the concept of gay people

Me: *puts off working on a ticket until a day before it's due*
also me: *screws around for a week*
me, day before due date: [surprised pikachu]

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OnePlus: another noble startup that has fallen to the way too frequent release cycle with ever increasing prices.

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house: *appears on real estate site*
me: *submits request to come look at it five minutes after it appears on site*
real estate agent: sorry we sold it already


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"a baker's dozen" is different from a regular dozen because bakers know the secret numbers

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