anyway, yikes, sorry for the sudden emotional vomit!! i don't usually really do this in public and i'd never do it on twitter but these thoughts have been swirling around my head for a few days now and i needed to get it out somewhere. so i guess, better here than twitter.

stay safe and warm, friends.

anyway, i'm moved out of there now thank fuck, but it was a good wake up call and reminder to me that just because we improve doesn't mean we can't backslide. i really need to be more vigilant about this. appreciating the heck out of my good friends and allowing myself not to care so much about the rest.

this year i also spent eleven months living with an abusive toxic housemate that i tried desperately to be friends with for TEN of those eleven months, before i *finally* realised that it was my goold old habits coming back again!!!! yeah!!!! good job!!!

my time, energy and love is valuable, and i need to spend more of it on the people who love me back. i spent twelve years of my life best friends with a toxic abuser until 2012, and after that i swore i'd never let myself be in that situation ever again, and yeah i've made heaps of strides since then, but also

anyway my new years resolution for this next year is to stop pouring my time/energy/attention into people who clearly do not want to reciprocate and learn to redirect that energy into those who do. i mean i guess that sounds pretty basic and obvious but it's something i've always struggled with.

but also i am starting on my new years resolution a bit early this year, because y'know, why wait for january 1st to change?

between moving house and having the death plague i haven't been super active on social media of late

i usually pride myself on my good life decision making skills but boy when i fuck up i fuck up big time

go big or go home i guess!!

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So! I moonlight as a fortune reader. Here's a fun thing I'm doing for Halloween week! Doing email tarot readings until November 3.


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trying to get back into the swing of routine after my holiday and do my chores but it's 36 degrees and 80% humidity here in brisbane and my period just started so basically i just wanna lie on the floor and die

youtube link is to a bunch of songs from the soundtrack!

i can't believe that NOBODY told me to go watch A Simple Favor, easily the best movie i've seen recently??? big dick canonically bisexual leading ladies, enough fun twists to keep you on the edge of your seat, and a baller soundtrack.

anyway hi all, i am back from my post-end-of-semester holiday.

i went on a food and wine tour around the wine regions of south australia, can highly recommend it both as a destination and as a way to de-stress.

i now have twelve bottles of wine and a lot of good cheese and chocolate.

I am definitely attracted to intense people it's true. I am actually horrifically terrified of (my own) failure because I'm a shitty overachieving perfectionist who wants to impress everyone all the time (indignant yells of "WHAT DO YOU MEAN I GOT A *B* ON THIS ASSIGNMENT?" are words my teachers frequently hear, sadly, they're quite sick of me) but that's definitely something I'm Actively Working On-- failing more and faster, because I recognise it's my path to growth.

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BREAK OUT, the first entry in the HOUSE OF THE HOSTS series.

Written by @sfeertheorist, and featuring the art of Sloane Leong ( sloanesloane on twitter!) !!



Happy First of Spoopy Month!

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Promotional poster I did for a new title coming to for October, HOUSE OF THE HOSTS, written by @sfeertheorist.

The first story, BREAK OUT, will feature the art of Sloane Leong!

Look forward to it!!


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