honestly i'd be happy if that was the last episode ever but thankfully they got renewed so i can enjoy more elementary forever and ever ugh i love them so much 😭 😭 😭

elementary season six finale got me like 😭 😭 😭

not to be hyperbolic or anything but Orphen had three of the best anime openings of all time



man this is slightly old now but i was looking at it today and realising that i still like it, so here you go, have a repost from twitter. this is nat. she's the cotton candy shoujo energy to nails's fire and brimstone.

in other news, there sure are a shitton of racists showing their ass on twitter today. i need a stiff drink. 😩

i had no interest in the witcher franchise nor any intention of watching the upcoming netflix series until today

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do you ever sit down and wonder if ang lee's home life was ever as dysfunctional as his filmography makes it seem?

because oof. i sure do.

KICKS DOWN DOOR PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS SONG but especially if you like boppy swingy elements in your electro j-pop


current mood: the bananafish ending theme on repeat, god it's so good??? one of the few EDs i never skip. i need it to soothe me after every episode. 😭


messing around with toonboom dreaming about drawing animations that are way above my current skill level

anyway here have some barrissoka art i did in 2016 to wash that down

you won't catch me ranting about this on twitter because i have no desire to get caught up in the SW fandom discourse but whatever, THERE I SAID IT.


i promised more ahsoka tano content on this timeline so here we go. here's my hot take for the day:

the common oft-repeated "lesbian icon ahsoka tano" catchphrase is actively bad and bi-erasure.

honestly nobody is celebrating more than me that ahsoka got a female love interest in her novel. it's the best thing to ever happen in star wars. but ignoring that she's also had not one but two male love interests (no matter how much you dislike them) is shitty when we already have so little bi rep.

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i can't believe i have to experience time in a linear fashion and wait for new episodes of both elementary and banana fish to come out week to week

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