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Hey guys! The removalists came a lot earlier than expected so I've had to close up my shop a few hours earlier than I said I was going to! If you wanted to get a print on sale, I'll leave the sale prices up for a day when I reopen the store. Thanks all for your support!

Hey guys! I'm moving interstate, so it's time for a huge moving sale! All prints are half price until feb 6!

Posters $12.00 –> now $6.00
Prints $8.00 –> now $4.00
Mini Prints $4.00 –> now $2.00

Even if you don't want anything, RTs are super appreciated! Thank you!

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Happy New Year! back! Chapter 3 cover is up to celebrate.

Pre-orders for the third book are also officially available until February 15, 2018.


screams into the abyss MAEDA MAHIRO RUINED MY LIFE

when you're doing a character design and they accidentally come out looking like the count of monte cristo

who am i kidding, yes i can



i cannot believe it took only ONE retweet for my tweet about "gee i wish this major female character had been given a name" to get a random white guy to come into my twitter thread and try to mansplain it to me