almost worked for these folks, totally get mercenary vibes 😆

oncology shitpost 

seen in patient note:

Assessment: lymphocyte doubling time is infinity


from Sometimes I Act Crazy, book about borderline personality. if I ever had any doubts, reading this book laid all of them to rest with a vengeance lol

borderline personality disorder 

having a disorder where people need 'survival tips' to stand being around you is kind of a downer and reality check lmao


this fucking memoir lmao

(how to murder your life by cat marnell)

mh shitpost 

therapist: I really think you need inpatient care

ptsd shitpost 

me: I'm cured, I'm not even hypervigilant anymore
me after a door slams:

lol. 'partner from the poly thing'. not a fiancee anymore, not a gf, just someone from the 'poly thing that didn't go so well'

that congrats may be short-lived, friend-of-bf

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